Preacher (S02E04) "Viktor"

Tulip (Ruth Negga) has decided to have herself found, there is a method to her madness even though it seems like a suicide mission. We finally come face to face with Viktor (Paul Ben-Victor), the one person Tulip seems to actually fear. There is nowhere to run and she must face the consequences head on.

Jesse (Dominic Cooper) is on his never-ending quest to find God, taking a brief reprieve where Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) is holed up. Even though Tulip has been missing for hours, Jesse seems to be more focused on the task at hand, believing she has gone off because of their little fight. Despite the hints coming from Cassidy, he finds other things to investigate. A mystery comes in the form of a cheesy commercial where a very familiar face is amongst the crowd. The fake god in all his glory. Jesse is consumed by the desire to find the actor and possibly get some answers.

Meanwhile, below the surface we finally we get a better glimpse into the depths of hell. It’s overcrowded, the people are unsettled and corrupt and outages of their own personal hells seem to happen more often than not. As always, the creators of Preacher like to push the envelope, this comes in the form of a seemingly weak and docile Hitler (Noah Taylor). Leaving Eugene (Ian Colletti) to question whether he really is bad or not. Eugene is given a quick rundown of hell as his “projector” is getting fixed, it is not a place for nice people and kindness will only get him in trouble, so he must act accordingly or be sent to the hole.

Tulip seems to be in more and more danger. She has alienated every single person in the house, whom are all loyal to Viktor. If we know anything about Tulip we know that she is able to get out of most situations, she’s a strong woman who can kick a lot of ass in the process. She is able to disarm one of Viktor’s men and confront the man she fears. She wants to be released from his hold, but it’s not that easy. If it was easy, then this series would not be as entertaining as it is.

Jesse and Cassidy have tracked down the agent who represents fake god. It seems to turn up more questions than answers when they learn that the actor has gone missing and no one has been able to find him. They persuade the agent that they need to see the reel of the actors last audition and catch is last moments on tape. He was shot and killed, but what better way for him to broadcast from heaven? They are so close to an answer, but it’s not theirs to find yet.

Cassidy has been trying to keep the secret to himself, but he can’t take it anymore. Tulip is in trouble and he needs to tell Jesse the truth. If Jesse wasn’t paying attention to it before, that has changed. He goes into Viktor’s abode angry and with Genesis on his side he will save Tulip. Although he is blindsided by their friendly neighborhood torturer. It brings on one of the most entertaining fight scenes I’ve seen in a while, complete with severed limbs being used as weapons and the melodic rhythms of Uptown Girl being blared in the headphones of his attacker. Jesse seems to be one step ahead and is able to get the upper hand, making the man tell him where Tulip is. Although he gets the shock of a life time when we learn that Viktor is Tulip’s husband.
Shocking revelations and unexpected twists keep viewers wanting more, it works so well with this show. Oh and cleverly placed cameo of Frankie Muniz doesn’t hurt either.

While Eugene embraces his meanness there is something sinister on the horizon, The Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) has found his way to New Oreleans.

The next episode should be a killer one. Pun intended.

Rating 8.5/10
Preacher airs on AMC Mondays at 7/9c

Photo: IMDB