The Mist (S01E04) "Pequod"

Alright, this episode was another one of those episodes that it was fast pace but had its moments of slow but it was overall a good episode. I do have to say I’m glad we finally saw another creature of the Mist in this episode; and from what it looks like it was a soul sucker or body sucker I don’t know which but it was interesting for that creature.
In this episode we are taken once again to the church to see Nathalie (Frances Conroy) go more on the crazy train and taking people with her down on that train. Father Romanov (Dan Butler) is trying so hard to keep everyone in the church at ease with prayer to god but Nathalie believes in a higher calling other than god because god lives in the mist or is it the devil who knows. Father Romanov allows Nathalie to do what she wants at first allowing her crazy moments to try to talk to the mist even though it creeps everybody out.
In the mall, Everybody is going crazy, Gus (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) chooses to let everybody in on board games to try to ease the craziness that everyone is going through wanting to go out into the mist (those crazy people). When Eve (Alyssa Sutherland), Alex (Gus Birney), and the others start to have their dinner, little Lila (Lola Flanery) chooses not to eat only because shes afraid of the dark. Alex tells Lila about a story that her father Kevin (Morgan Spector) wrote about an owl that says what instead of who. Alex and Lila choose to go to the book store to find the book to have a little story time. Once Alex and Lila get to the book store they find the book and start the story time but its interrupted by the idiotic behavior brought on by Vic (Erik Knudsen) and Link (Dylan Authors). The two idiot duo chose to try to bring the bodies of the dead soldiers back into the mall by harpooning them back in. When they get one in they try the other but Link chooses to go out and try to retrieve the body which leaves his body to be burned or soul sucked.
Alex and Lila try to run but don’t get out in time where the mist covers the book store. Alex tries finding Lila but get separated; everyone comes to the book store only to witness Lila’s death by the shadow creature that sucked her soul and left a weird burnt corpse. The shadow creature comes to Alex but chooses not to kill her, when Alex walks out unharmed Eve is happy but everyone else demands to know why she was spared. Alex explains how she fought the creature and ran away but some don’t believe her. When Alex reveals the truth later to her mother, Lila’s mother Shelly can’t stand to be around the family and returns back to the mall people. The mall people chooses to throw Vic out into the mist because of his stupidity. Vic then walks out which we all know hes dead now.
Kevin, Bryan (Okezie Morro), Mia (Danica Curcic), and Adrian (Russell Posner) all end up in a gas station. When they get there they are met by a crazy gas mask wearing man named Clay whose looking for his son. They all lie about seeing his son but the group chooses to let Clay stay and sleep the next day they tell Clay the truth about his son but in denial he gives Kevin and the group the truck and he ventures out into the mist to look for his son, we wont be seeing anymore of Clay.
In the end of the episode we have Father Romanov fed up with Nathalie craziness and kills her little spider that she thinks is her god. But just when she was distraught she was then lifted up by seeing the spider lives and asks those who all believe in her god now. The sheriff believes and jumps on the crazy train with her, soon there will be many.
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