Killjoys (S03E03) "The Hullen Have Eyes"

Johnny is back but doesn’t get a warm welcome from the new boss of the RAC. She tries to threaten him into helping her rope in Dutch because (like Turin) she thinks Dutch has something to do with the disappearances of the RAC agents. Nevertheless Johnny gets reinstated but he’s not happy to find a new addition to the team: Zeph. Pretty sure Zeph has some form of Asbergers Syndrome. Dutch asks Johnny to give Zeph a chance but he does so begrudgingly.

The team investigates the Hullen ship and it takes them to another planet that seems abandoned but has instructions on how to emote human emotion in order for the Hullen to fit in because they’re sociopaths. They are set upon by a solar flare and a few… revenants? Zombies? Johnny goes and tries to save them but ends up getting captured too.

They are told by a blind man that the planet belonged to the Undying (a.k.a. Hullen) and they are waiting for them to return. They follow a seer (a Hullen) who created a whole religion surrounding the Hullen that “prophesying” their return. Dutch, D’avin, and Johnny pretend to be the “Undying” in order to get more information. The Unseen (the blind human slaves) sew their children’s eyes shut until the day the Hullen return. Freaky! One girl, Quinn, has broken their laws by venturing to the surface. When the Hullen is about to tear out her eyes when Dutch steps up to save her blowing her cover.

Delle Seyah is a guest on Aneela’s Hullen ship. She gets a look at just how disturbed Dutch’s evil doppelgänger is when she tells her that her father, Khlyen, is dead. Upset, Aneela starts slicing throats of her Hullen subjects. To punish her, Aneela’s advisor commands Delle Seyah to clean up the blood. On the Hullen food chain she was made to serve not rule. Zeph is MIA with the Hullen ship leaving Johnny and the crew high and dry. But D’avin manages to fight their way out.

With Quinn’s help they find an object Khylen hid on the abandoned planet. The Hullen left behind is upset to find that Khlyen is dead and he actually cares about his blind slaves he’s been misleading for a century. Quinn tells D’avin that they met before. He took the Hullen ship a few days ago and told her to expect his arrival again with his friends and to help them find the artifact. D’avin has no memory of any of this. Dutch figures Khlyen did some programming into D’avin’s brain to help the team in case something happened to him. Dutch is still captured but Johnny manages to create a distraction to get the slaves and Hullen topside.

Zeph comes back after figuring out the Hullen ship and helps to rescue the team. Johnny, Dutch, D’avin and Quinn escape the abandoned planet and Zeph unsews Quinn’s eyes helping her to see for the first time. Johnny is really upset at Zeph for abandoning them while Zeph maintains it was for strategy. She’s not a people kind of nerd like Johnny. He doesn’t trust her to watch his back or the team’s but gives her a second chance by giving her the artifact so she can figure out what makes it tick and how it will help them. Delle Seyah attempts to comfort Aneela in order to rally her from her grief. Delle Seyah had her share of threats against her person but an unstable Dutch look-alike would make anyone wet themselves. She manages to raise Aneela from her depression by saying they could take Dutch down together.

Still no Pree, Fancy, or Alvis which makes me sad but I hear they’re coming soon. A+ either way. So a few things that made my head: D’avin is a sleeper agent for dead Khlyen so who knows what else he programmed him to do and when. Then there’s Aneela. She seems to know who Dutch is and that she looks exactly like her. We still don’t know why they are clones of each other. Khlyen never even figured it out. Perhaps they were separated at birth? That’s a stretch. But Hannah John-Kamen did an excellent job playing both parts. I do get a distinction between the two characters Aneela being a bit more unhinged and Dutch more together mentally as well as emotionally. They are the yin to each other’s yang and I can’t wait to find out the truth about their connection. We need Season 4!