Transformers: The Last Night

Movie review: Spoilers – clearly.

When a 5th – yes, 5th, they really are going for the Fast & Furious franchise – instalment of the Transformers series was announced, I must say I was a little surprised. The rebranding of the franchise in the 4th movie was, to be frank, a complete flop, and Mark Wahlberg’s rock hard abs did little to soften the blow.
Which is why I was astonished at my own enjoyment of the new film. For starters, the film came complete with an actual plot. (I know, crazy). The plot revolved around the hunt for a “Staff” that long-term enemy Megatron (and now Prime) wished to use to redeem their planet Cybertron, in turn causing the destruction of Earth/Unicron (naturally as these films tend to go). The Unicron reveal was something unique to the franchise, as it came with an element of surprise and – although happening almost halfway into the movie – didn’t come as too much of an unrealistic change in plot as we tend to see in many fantasy action films.
The introduction of Wahlberg’s character “Cade” showed him to have developed into more than just a wayward inventor. Now on the run, he held a tight bond with many of the robots – in particular a long-time fan favourite “Bumblebee” – and his care for them provided the emotive cherry-on-top of the action filled movie. The introduction of both new characters and the improvement of Cade’s created an overall sense that the franchise had definitely improved with this instalment – or Michael Bay’s directing skills; you decide.
Without revealing too much, the use of Megatron as a the clear villain of choice was a much better decision made, as opposed to the too-obvious build-up of his character reveal during the 4th movie. It provided a clear-cut battle of good and evil for the audience to enjoy, without the complexity that, in all honesty, we really don’t need from this cinematic genre.
Overall, I found this film to be a great improvement on the others in the franchise, and who knows, maybe better is yet to come. The action, however unrealistic it may be, never disappoints in a Michael Bay movie, a trend certainly continued by this instalment.
Rotten Tomatoes rating: 3.3/10
IMDb rating: 5.3/10
My ratingBetter than most

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