Wynonna Earp (S02E06) "Whiskey Lullaby"

Last week’s episoode ended with the big reveal of Wynonna being pregnant, this week’s episode had to deal with what that means for her and everyone in her life. Boy did the show deliver and then some. We got it all the emontional moments, the funny moments and as always kicking some demons butts moments. This episode covered it all and in amazing fashion, but then again Wynnonna Earp has been blowing us away and I shouldn’t have expected anything less.
We start off this episode with Doll and Doc talking to black Badge and yes they are gone, they see no reason to stay and tell Dolls if you want to stay you are going to be on your own.  Before leaving they are given a file on th Black Widows. Sure that proved an interesting read even though it looks a little thin to me. Dolls is going to see this thru. What else would we expect from our favorite agent.
Next we are taken to a church where the widows are looking for something, and in walks a priest, no not a joke just in case you were wondering, he tries and stops them but he is no match for the widows. They kill the poor priest then decide to eat his face. His face, that is just such a demon thing to do.
Wynonna and Waverly are at home and Waverly wants to discuss Wynonna’s current situation but Wynonna has barely gotten her head around it so to try and talk to anyone else about it right now just isn’t going to happen. However Waverly understands and tells Wynonna you can’t nope this away.
Wynonna decides to look for something to do that will distract her and she heads to the police station to find something, but something finds Wynonna first, a nun. The nun walks in to tell them that her boss is dead.  perfect just what Wynonna needs. The nun describes the attacker and then Waverly,  Jermey and Wynonna figure out there are more seals. Jermey is proving more useful and more resourceful every episode.
The widows devise a plan, they go to a demon named Sandman who will put the whole town to sleep while they look for the seals. I mean who wouldn’t want a whole month undisturbed to do your job.
Meanwhile Dolls has decided with Black Badge out of the way he can  have a real relationship with Wynonna. He invites her to have coffee . Sounds innocent enough but when Wynonna figures out its a date she is so awkward . Watching Dolls laughing and flirting was so nice to see. The guy can finally let his hair down. Wynonna trying to avoid the conversation is so cute. However before anything can get to far off to sleep they go. That sandman had some timing. Poor Dolls never did get to say what he wanted.
After a long nap Wynonna wakes up and manages to get Dolls up. They realize the whole town is asleep and then they head off to find Waverly.
Waverly and was sleeping when Wynonna woke her up she then sees Nicole is not with her, but not to worry Dolls finds her naked in the bathroom. Nicole and Waverly had been together earlier. Nicole wanted to know that she had been with the real Waverly and Waverly gently reassured her she had been.
Waverly then wakes up Doc and Jermey. They start trying to figure out what happened to them. Just as they all take off Nicole comes back in and it then she realizes Wynonna is pregnant one down two to go. Nicole promises not to say anything.
Wynonna heads to the police station where she and the widows have a meeting, if you can call crowding Wynonna and throwing her to the ground a meeting.  They steal Jermey’s information on the seals and leave. Doll comes in and find Wynonna on the floor and sees that she is pregnant.  You can see that this changes everything for Dolls. The relationship that he thought he might have had with Wynonna disappears and it is replaced by the team leading boss Dolls. I felt so bad for our Dolls. For just a minute he thought he might be able to have a relationship, but now it just isn’t going to happen. He knows Doc is the father or at least he thinks he does. Wynonna assures him nothing has changed professionally. She can still do her job and she can still be good at her job, who would say otherwise is what I want to know, and to prove it she goes right to the Clockmaster aka Sandman’s house and kicks down the door. Yes, nothing is going to stop Wynonna from doing what needs to be done. I just loved that scene. She was showing Dolls and herself that just because she is pregnant she is not going to turn into some helpless woman who can’t do her job. Bravo!! That is all we needed to see that showed us our Wynonna is still the badass she needs to be.
After they find out the widows kidnapped his daughter he tells them about the seal being at Shortys and Wynonna is trying to warn Waverly the widows are coming.
It too late though the widows show up and blow this arctic blast into Doc and Waverly’s face causing them to become paralyzed .
Meanwhile Nicole goes off to find the Sandman’s daughter. It has become clear that Tucker has taken her and is really about to do some creepy stuff to her when Nicole rushes in and shoots Tucker. She shoots him in the arm and he jumps out of the window, Nicole takes the daughter back home.
Wynonna asked Dolls to go see about Nicole but before he leaves he kisses Wynonna one more time. Wynonna just looks at him she wants to say something but she doesn’t know what to say. So she stands there and he looks at her waiting for something but realizing nothing is coming. He tells her she is an amazing agent and then he leaves to do his job.
Wynonna gets to Shorty’s but she is to late the seal has been broken and the widows leave. She goes and wakes up Waverly first then Doc.  Doc struggles to sit up and then he takes one look at Wynonna and then slowly they look at each other. Nothing is said and with that look a hundred things were said. They just look at each other saying so much. Doc finally excuses himself and leaves. For me this was my favorite scene. It takes some great acting to communicate without saying a word. These two did just that and more. When you the viewer know what is being said without a single word being uttered is something special.
Wynonna goes back to the  Sandman’s  house to tell him his daughter is safe, Dolls rushes in and shoots him, Wynonna is not happy about that but Dolls says that his job and all he has left now is his job. We all know what he was saying,
Doc and Dolls go back to the house and both try to talk to Wynonna but she just can’t talk. our Wynonna may be the best demon hunter out there, but this is something she has not got a handle on it and dealing with it in this moment in time is not something she can do. Waverly tells them she will deal with it when she is ready, both the guys leave but not before Doc hands Waverly a note to give Wynonna.  Upstairs Wynonna is sitting on some pillows on the floor and tells Waverly not to laugh it’s the only she is comfortable.  Finally Wynonna is talking about the pregnancy and she is finally starting to show us exactly how she feels. It is something else she did not choose, how did this happen. She has no control over her life and her body. Yesterday another thing she did not choose. She questions how good of a mother she will be, it is all too much. The tears start to come. Waverly then tells her it might not be okay now or for a long time, but whatever happens she isn’t alone. Once again the writing and what these charcter’s do is just so great. Waverly told the truth but in the most loving sisterly way a person could. I can’t tell you it’s going to be alright, but I can tell you I will be here for you. The truth is that is the best anyone can do ever. Waverly then hands Wynonna the note Doc gave her. The note states simply ” I am all in” That is more than Wynonna can take and the sobs just come in waves.
How do you follow that? I don’t know, but I am all in to see.
What I loved about this episode is that our female lead is pregnant and dealing with it. She doesn’t crumble under the weight while doing her job. Sure after it is all over with she does have a meltdown, but then again who wouldn’t. She hasn’t had any time to take in what this all means. We know it is not going to be easy and she knows that too, but as she said it doesn’t change anything. Her relationships are going to change and I for one can’t wait to see where they go next.
Until next week.