Ash vs Evil Dead (S02E06) “Trapped Inside”

Ash and the Ghostbeaters, Ruby, Linda and Lacey are walking toward Ash’s childhood home. Out of the blue, Pablo starts convulsing, spitting fire out of his mouth and rolling around on the ground. Finally, the attack ends leaving Pablo motionless.
Everyone is understandably concerned. Ash steels himself and approaches his friend to check on him. Before he reaches him, Pablo bolts up and spews blood from his mouth.
Deputy Tommy Emery is on duty when an angry mob led by the deceased Amber’s mom barges in demanding justice for her and Ash’s arrest! Tommy finds himself overwhelmed by the confusion, everything turns quiet and goes into slow motion. He spies Baal lingering in the background.
Suddenly, Baal appears next to him and talks him into shooting Amber’s mom. Tommy complies and discharges a bullet into her head. For a split second, his face registers unbelief and disgust at allowing himself to be manipulated.
Pablo is not having a good time. He is writhing in pain on Ash’s couch. Ruby informs everyone that he is merging with the book and when the change is complete, Pablo will cease to exist. Ash pipes up and says that he has a plan for Baal that doesn’t involve Pablo dying.
Annoyed, Ruby tells Ash that Baal will never reveal himself. Ash explains that he has a pet tracker and he will shove it down Baal’s throat. Then if Baal sheds his skin, Ash will know where to find him so he can thrust his chainsaw up his butt.
Ruby states that she can isolate the right passage on Pablo so that she can cast Baal back to hell. Right after she is done speaking, Pablo pukes up a black, tar like substance. Ash asks Ruby and Lacey to take Pablo upstairs to his bedroom.
After they are gone, the mob and Deputy Tommy show up at the house. Tommy demands that Ash surrender himself so that he can be arrested. All hell breaks loose and the mob starts tossing bricks in the windows. Kelly has had enough of the chaos so she retaliates by firing her machine gun into the crowd.
She turns to Ash and nonchalantly says, “Well, I just fired into a crowd of civilians.” Ash responds with, “I know. That’s a felony.” The two exchange a look.
Ruby is pouring salt around Pablo’s body on the floor. Lacey is skeptical and asks if that will protect him? Pablo reassures her by telling her that it will. Meanwhile Ruby uses incantations to accelerate the conversion.
Downstairs Kelly is screaming at the mob and firing on them. Ash hears a noise upstairs. He straps on his chainsaw, grabs his boomstick and takes off to investigate.
As Ruby is reciting certain passages from the Necronomicon from memory, Pablo is moaning in pain. Without warning, he starts speaking Sumerian. While he is doing this, he is levitating. Lacey has a look of abject terror on her face.
Ash is walking down the hall. He stops outside Cheryl’s bedroom because he hears a noise. Reaching out, he takes the doorknob in his hand.
The noise continues in Ash’s bedroom. While Pablo is in the air, he finds the strength to rip his Brujo uncle’s medallion off his neck. Immediately, he is thrown to the floor.
Entering Cheryl’s room is like going back in time to the 80s. Ash looks around in the dim light. He sees someone standing in front of her bed. He points his boomstick at the figure. Startled, Chet turns around and jumps when he sees the gun in his face.
Perplexed, Ash asks what he is doing in Cheryl’s room. Chet informs him that he was coming to warn Ash about the crazy mob. While they are talking and exiting into the hallway, we see evil making its way through the woods.
It slams into the house, shattering Cheryl’s picture. After this happens, Amber’s mom who has been replaced by Baal utters, “They have the book.” Cheryl’s photo is dripping blood. It oozes onto the floor and flows toward her dress that is on the bed.
Ash and Chet hear a noise inside Cheryl’s room. They turn and look at the door which opens to reveal Cheryl. The two men are dumbfounded. Cheryl looks at Ash and tells him he looks different. He replies, “Pancakes.” Then she turns her attention toward Chet and begins to flirt with him.
As she gets closer, Ash reminds her that she died over 30 years ago at the hands of a demon tree. This triggers something in her and she transforms into a Deadite tossing Ash and Chet down the hall in a surprising show of strength.
The mob is firing shots at Kelly. She asks Linda to pitch in and help. While bedlam is ensuing downstairs, things aren’t much better upstairs. Deadite Cheryl has Chet trapped in her room. She throws him onto the bed and starts biting a chunk out of his neck.
While the world’s worst suck mark is happening, the boombox is playing Romeo Void’s, “Never Say Never.” Ash bursts into the room with his chainsaw. This enrages Cheryl who tells him that she will “make like a tree and f*&$# him!” This is a hysterical line considering that very act happened to her in the original Evil Dead movie.
Cheryl launches herself at Ash. They dance around the hallway slamming each other into walls. Then she disappears into thin air. Having no earthly idea where she went, Ash tells Chet to stay in the hall while he goes downstairs to find her.
At the foot of the stairs, he runs into Kelly who wants to know where he’s been. Ash explains that he has been dealing with Cheryl who is back from the dead. Kelly steps aside so Ash can keep searching for his sister. She heads upstairs to get more ammo.
Right as she enters Ash’s bedroom, Pablo is in the midst of undergoing his transformation. She rushes to his side. Ruby explains what is happening and Kelly tells him that he calls the shots. Pablo gains strength from what Kelly says to him and tells her that he’s got this.
Downstairs, the electrical wiring is going berserk. Lights are flickering on and off. Ash notices the walls are oozing blood. Just then, Cheryl grabs him from behind and starts struggling with him for control of his chainsaw.
Pablo is still going through the conversion when a burst of energy flies out of him knocking Kelly and Ruby across the room. Because of the hard impact, Ruby opens up an old wound on her side. When Kelly tells her to “wolverine” that shit together, Ruby informs her that she is no longer immortal because her children took that away from her.
Ash is having to contend with Cheryl on his back. Finally, he manages to fling her off of him. He turns around in time to see Chet in the doorway. Before Ash can warn him, Cheryl appears behind him.
She informs him that he will have to go through Chet to get to her. In an emotional moment, Ash tells her not to kill him. He explains that Chet was his only friend and that he never lied to him or betrayed him. Mocking his heartfelt revelation, Cheryl punches a hole in Chet’s chest and holds his beating heart out to Ash. Ash blows both of them away.
Linda appears just in time to see that. Of course, Cheryl reanimates and charges after Linda. Before she can do any damage, Ash blows her away again.
Opening the door, he steps onto his porch to face the angry mob. Will Elk Grove’s finest kill Ash? Does Deadite Cheryl finally meet her demise? What will Baal do to Ash? Find your answers to all these questions by grabbing the Starz app free trial or another streaming service to enjoy this episode and more!