Castlevania Season 1 Review

Netflix new animated series Castlevania is based the popular video game from Konami that first started in 1986 when the first game was released on the orginal Nintendo. Now I will admit I did not play any of the Castlevania games until the Nintendo 64 and I remember how hard that game was when I played it.
The basic plot for the show is about a group of religious priests that burn Dracula wife in public in the name of god for using dark magic after Dracula finds out about it he give the priests and the town people one year to make peace for what they took part in because once that year up they are done for.
This show dose not hold back on anything when it comes to the violence I won’t give away very many details but let’s just say when Dracula dose come for his revenge it is brutal.The first episode of the series very much focus on Dracula but after the first episode we get interduce to our main protagonist Trevor Belmont.
Now Trevor Belmont was first introduced in the third Castlevania game and this series dose offer a interesting take on the character. I did like how when we first see him he minding his own business until one of the towns people in the bar was talking bad about his family name which led up to fight. Trevor Belmont in this show is very much a interesting character he act like he just passing by but really he trying to learn the truth on what happen in this town and why it happen so he can try to stop it.
Now Castlevania only has four episodes to it’s first season which I sort of found odd sense most shows I watch on Netflix have at least ten episodes to each season but I do like how each episode are no longer than 25 minutes it gives the series some good well balanced pacing while watching it.
if I had one complaint with this series it the fact the show very much lack Dracula after the first episode like I understand why he not in it after that point but it would have been nice just to have him in at the end to lead into next season but they do something a little different which I was ok with.
The  main villain of the series is pretty much the bishop along with his men plus Dracula demons.  I didn’t mind it that much mainly because we did get see Trevor Belmont kill some demons along helping the town people defend themselves against these demons.
If you look at this show as a whole right now the show very much feel like prequel in the way it setup everything while  building towards bigger things for later. Overall I had a fun time watching this series from beginning to end and would recommend people to check it out.
4 out 5 stars