Real Housewives of Orange County (S12E02) "It's Either My Way or the Fung Shui"

We start off this episode with Shannon meeting her Feng Shui Conwoman, I mean, expert, Elaine, and they start working on Shannon’s new house trying to put the energy to rights.  Shannon said, “I’ve been using her for three years and typically, when I put good energy out there, good things happen.  Really?  Are we calling David cheating on you and treating you like crap a good thing?  I mean, come on, you’ve been using this woman the whole time you were going through your troubles with David and Feng Shui didn’t stop him from cheating or treating you horribly.  After three years of bad energy, maybe its time to try something new?  #justsaying.  The best line is when the woman says, “Your relationship area has a toilet in the middle of it.”  And Shannon said, “Some relationships need to go down the toilet.”  Um, no shit, really?  Shannon’s eldest daughter is getting ready for a Winter Formal, which, considering last year Shannon wouldn’t let her girls wear makeup and now they’re in dresses that barely go past their vajay, that’s a quick turnaround.

We float from wife to wife a bit catching up on what they’re up to, Megan with Aspen, who’s so adorable, Vicki stressing about her move, and Kelly and Michael working on their marriage at the gym.
Finally we’re introduced to the new housewife, Peggy Tanous, and are introduced to her.  Lydia’s doing a shoot for her new men’s magazine called Nobleman (Insert joke here) and is warned not to hug the wife because she’s had a double mastectomy.  We learn that she her mother had died of breast cancer so when she was diagnosed with it, she decided to be aggressive with the treatments.
Tamra throws a big backyard zoo party for her granddaughter, Ava, and Lydia and Shannon meet for the first time.  Briana frets over seeing Tamra again for the first time since last years blow out between Tamra and Vicki.  Briana’s at the party for less than two minutes, and doesn’t talk to anyone.
The drama really starts when Shannon and Lydia meet, and when Shannon gets done talking about what great friends she and Tamra are, the first words out of Lydia’s mouth were: “Ah, that’s great, because I knew her when she was best friends with Vicki.”  Damn, the girl didn’t waste any time.  That’s usually a rookie move from a new housewife, I. E. Kelly from last year, but Lydia’s not new so she knew exactly what she was doing.  She then went on to attack Tamra (who she was all buddy buddy with last episode during the staged Bible study) saying they were acting exactly like Vicki.  Lydia goes off on Shannon, saying she’s attacking her after just meeting and not understanding why Shannon was going in on her.  Lydia’s husband comes up and Lydia calls him her Prince Charming saving her from the Evil Witch.  (Insert eye roll here.)  They end with Shannon storming off from the party and Lydia crying to her mom that Shannon’s a bully and attacking her for no reason.

So let me know what you guys think so far.  Is Peggy going to be interesting?  Who’s side do you think she takes?  Was Lydia’s intentions to fix Shannon and Vicki’s friendship or just stir the pot?  Let me know in the comments section.