Animal Kingdom (S02E07) “Dig”

Wow, what an episode!
This weeks episode was written by Eliza Clark and directed by David Rodriguez. As each episode passes the tension, surprises, action and suspense keeps ratcheting up. We reach a tipping point this week…
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Smurf and her sons: Everyone has a dark side. Do you hear me?
We pick-up from last week after Javi and his men ransack Smurfs house. J gets a bad beating. Nicky gets abducted and thrown out of Javi’s van and leaving a message for Smurf.  She wants her boys to send a message of retribution. A BIG ONE. You see Smurf is so good at manipulating her kids. It’s like 2nd nature to her. So, whatever Smurf wants, Smurf gets. She wants Javi DEAD. End of story .
Baz, Pope, Craig, Deran and J are not having it. They want her out of the room while they discuss what should be done. If anything at all. Baz and Pope don’t want anything happening to her. While Deran and Craig are tired of her manipulative ways with them. The days of her always using them to do her bidding are over and they are sick of it!
Baz and Pope work out a deal. They will remove the dead body and weapon Smurf used to kill Javi’s father. They will also pay him some money, which isn’t what he really wants. Craig and Deran want to be paid for their work though. Smurf is pissed!
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Nicky’s got a gun.
We see J and Nicky bonding again. Only this time it’s over their shared experience of their lives being in jeopardy. (So young and So naive). Nicky never wants to feel that way again! She tells J about her experience of holding Smurfs automatic. J will teach her to use a gun. I am a bit peeved. Are these kids the new “Bonnie & Clyde”? I guess we have to stay tuned to find out… Oh yeah, with a jealous Uncle Craig peeping from the kitchen. Just gross.
The Mission: Dig!
Every episode we get a new mission for the Cody boys to tackle head on. Only this time it’s cleaning up Mama Smurf’s mess. They go in disguise as “gas repairmen” to fix a leak. This was to remove Javi’s father’s body, how many of you were on pins and needles like me? Every time they talked on the walk-tee? Deran was a mess. Were they going to get busted by the cops? The people were getting so antsy outside. It was only a matter of time. Pope was a cool, calm and collected customer calling all the shots. He was in total control. He told them keep on digging. J made sure they got everything. They were just missing a foot. Craig kept on digging until they finally got it.  They left just as fast as they arrived. You could see the protest from Deran because he never wanted to help Smurf in the first place. He knows her game and still believed she was lying to all of them.
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Pope/J: This is family.
“You’re gonna need proper stitches in your leg. I can do it for you.” Pope to J
I am not going to lie. Pope is by far one of my favorite characters. You can’t help but love this guy. He is flawed but genuine to his very core. You always have to respect that. When he shows concern for J, it is totally real and not a put-on. He told him the bruises on his face were going to get worse before they get better.
Baz/Lena: Your own daughter got you’re number!
Sometimes I don’t know how to take you, Baz. Do you care about your own daughter or not? It’s evident she is onto you now. I loved when Lena put Daddy on the spot when he drops her off at a babysitter while he goes to do a job.
“We’ll do something together next week. When I get back.” Baz
“Why?” Lena
Doesn’t he realize after a while his own kid would even be wise to him? I want more for Baz, I really do. He should be happy with his daughter, eventually find love again and get his life together. THIS, right now, is very unbecoming.
Baz/Javi: Why did she accept Baz and not Javi?
“Smurf will walk over her own kids to get what she wants. You’re not even her own son.” – Javi to Baz
If this was not a HUGE ASS ANVIL IN YOUR FACE to Baz! Javi definitely slapped him with a hard dose of truth.  I believe Javi. He had a different story than Smurfs’ but the truth is raw and it stings sometimes. It was different from the one Smurf told the boys, but again we know, she is like a snake: slithering and so shady. If Smurf can’t be the victim in the story then something is wrong. We knew that Jake really stole her money that last time at the hotel. Javi did hold a gun to her face wanting what he was owed. It is Smurf who puts herself in these situations. It’s not her boys. Self-realization is a hard hurdle to overcome. I think for Smurf, most of all, she’d rather go down in a blaze of glory. When you look at it from Javi’s POV, if he really wanted to hurt Smurf as payback, he would’ve gone to the cops. Why would he want 300k?
I felt sorry for Javi after a while. He was a pawn in Smurf’s game. He went to meet with Baz and demanded more money. He agreed to Bazs’ lesser amount? (200k) You see it really wasn’t about the money at all. It was about being accepted. If anyone could relate, it would be Baz. He thought Smurf would have taken him in after she killed his father, but she didn’t.  He is like a grown child throwing a temper tantrum. It’s like he still saw Smurf as his mom and is hurt by the way she treated him. Which brings us back to what Javi said “Smurf will walk over her own kids to get what she wants. You’re not even her own son.” Baz  knows it and even more so now. He needs to watch out for himself and his daughter.
Baz/Smurf: It’s only a matter of time now.
What did I say from my blog last week in my “Random Thoughts”? Somehow the Church Heist money would be used somehow for Smurfs gains? She manipulated Baz to borrow it and pay it back ASAP. What did I tell you all… She used $200k as ransom to silence Javi? And what would that leave them if Smurf never pays them back? 140k left between 5 people? 28k a piece for all that planning, risk taking and work? That Smurf always getting what she wants. The money, the boys protection —  everything. Plus, you knew when Baz heard Smurf say Javi was never family, that cut him like a knife! What was even worse was Baz watching Smurf hire one of Javi’s own men to kill him! (ICE COLD BLOOD RUNS IN HER VEINS!) He shot him straight in the head. She gave the ransom money that Javi was supposed to get to the associate. Also hitting him off with an extra 50k at a mailbox and then telling him to get out of the country.
After Smurf and the boys met up in the final scene, they realized something was wrong with Baz. Smurf let him know she would never hurt him “because he is family”. Why do I get the feeling she would step right over him? Javi was right. She would do whatever was necessary to save herself.
Dig Random Thoughts:

  • The cops are investing Baz for Catherine’s death. What if they find something that links the Cody’s to her death? Who is going to take the fall? Not Smurf, not Pope. Baz will. He is expendable to her.
  • As each episode passes we see just how manipulative Smurf is. Remember what Deran said to Craig? “Remember how she would get us to fight each other? You fight me? Then she’d sick Pope on you?
  • Where is Amy? What happened to her and Pope’s story? Inquiring minds want to know.
  • You guys keep on killing it and slaying every week! Another STELLAR PERFORMANCE BY Ellen Barkin, Shawn Hatosy, Scott Speedman, Finn Cole, Jake Weary and Ben Roboson.

Thank you for reading my blog. Until next week.
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