Real Housewives of New York City (S09E16) "Three Tequila…Floor!"

If you thought the anal sex talk at dinner wasn’t lady like, you haven’t seen anything yet.  The trip section of the show, which is notorious for excess amounts of booze, men, and childish behavior, kicked off tonight, and man, we saw our share of childish behavior.  For over 30 minutes (edited mind you, so this went on for much longer) we see Sonja and Ramona yell and scream and whine when Bethenny is smart enough to try to have everyone draw straws for who gets the biggest room.  In the past, Ramonja have always claimed it like spoiled six year olds, claiming since they always room together they should get the biggest room, never mind that Emily Post and good manners taught us that the hostess of the trip should be given the biggest room.

So when Tinsley drew number 1, Ramona immediately went in on her, saying since she’s been staying at Sonja’s rent free, she should’ve given Sonja the top spot.  Tinsley says she doesn’t want the power, and trades it to Bethenny (who’s the host of the trip) and she gets number 3.  When Sonja and Ramona hear this, they go nuts.  They nearly started pushing and pulling her, ending with Tinsley in tears.  Remember, Tinsley just got out of a alleged abusive relationship and these 2 bitches are yelling and degrading her over a room.  WTF?  Are they grown women or toddlers that had they’re pacifiers taken away?  Granted, in the past, the other women have always given in because they didn’t want to deal with this kind of headache.  These women are supposed to be classy Upper East Siders.  Is this what classy means?  Berating another woman until she’s in tears and hyperventilating over a room?  All those rooms were beautiful.  Doesn’t Ramona and Sonja realize how incredibly fortunate they are to even be on this trip in the first place?  So many others would gladly go on that trip and not say a word about what room they had because they’d be greatful just to be going.  Not these spoiled brats.  No.  It’s always got to be me, me, me, me.  Why didn’t I get the best?  Nevermind the fact that a few episodes ago Ramona wasn’t even asked to go on the trip and was in a major fight with Bethenny.
I honestly feel like Ramona’s gone off the deep end this season.  We’ve seen this kind of behavior from her before, the entitlement, the spoiled brat syndrome, but never to this level.  It’s always been at a annoying level.  Last night’s episode was at the disgusting level.  I don’t know if something’s going on with Mario, or if she’s on meds, but somethings off with Ramona because she’s acting crazier than ever.
Poor Bethenny, who came down with a violent case of the flu right before the trip, was just trying to get her room situated and get a thermometer when Dorinda came up and told her what was going on.  She looked white, she was so sick.  Dorinda told her to come mediate this because Ramona and Sonja are trying to kick us out of our room.  That’s pretty pathetic, when grown women can’t be civil enough to handle drawing numbers and picking rooms.  10 year olds behave better than these women.  And Dorinda, Carole, and Tinsley have been just as at fault for letting them get away with it over the years.  They’ve always coddled them and not wanted to deal with it.  Well, you’re paying for that complacency now.
Bethenny went in and quite calmly, talked to Ramona, saying, “If this was your daughter, would you want Avery acting like this?”  Sonja chimed in saying “Oh, god no, my daughter would never act like this.”  So why’s it ok for you to act like this?  Ramona and Sonja were literally trying to hijack Dorinda and Carole’s rooms, and poor Dorinda just wanted them out so she could sleep.  After all, she hadn’t had her nap and was on her third tequila of the day.  We all know what that means.

At dinner, the shit really hit the fan when a story about Tinsley being an ungrateful guest comes up.  They’re trying to find out who leaked the story, and they’re leaning towards Ramona, because she’d said a while ago how Tinsley wasn’t loyal and considerate to Sonja.  Apparently living with Sonja makes you her indentured servant and you have to give up all your freedoms, be completely loyal, and give into every crazy demand she makes.
Luann was in the middle of giving Bethenny a toast for being a good host, when Ramona, making comments under her breath as usual, said, “It’s a group trip, why do you keep thanking her?”  And round 47 starts.  Bethenny, hearing that, asking her, “Why are you such an asshole?”  and everything goes off from there.  Ramona’s response?  “I always say what everyone else is thinking,” her old tag line from a few seasons ago.  Obviously not honey, because otherwise they’d be beeping every single word other than your name.  Tinsley brings up the article, and they get into who placed the article.  Sonja denied it, saying she never puts articles in the Post, which we all know is bs considering she did it to Luann when she stayed with her last season.  Sonja goes on to blame Ramona on her behavior saying its a bad look and she doesn’t take her everywhere.  If you know she’s so bad, why do you put up with it?
The one bit of levity comes from when Ramona and Luann are outside talking and Luann trips over the steps dead drunk.  It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen this season and it’s a refreshing reminder that Luann’s not always Mrs.  I’m Married darling.

So let me know what you thought of the episode.  Are Sonja and Ramona’s antics funny or disgusting?  Is Ramona going off the deep end?  Let me know in the comments below.