Dunkirk-Spoiler Free-

This movie grabs you from the first second and doesn’t let go til the screen goes black and the end.  It’s two hours of non stop, nail biting action as you follow the desperation of these soldiers trying to get back to England as the Germans have them surrounded.
There’s three points of view that we see:  the beach, the boats, and the air.  We follow each in a non linear fashion to add even more confusion and tension to an already tense situation.
Once the action starts, there’s very little time that you’re not on the edge of your seat.  From the music, to the editing, to the special effects, everything’s designed to pull you in and completely immerse yourself in the film.  If you have an IMAX theater near you, that’s the only way to see this movie.  From the shaking of the theater, vibrations of the floor when bombs and bullets whiz by, you feel like you’re taking fire.  The only thing I’d suggest is not to take young children to see this.  It’s PG-13, and there’s blood, and scenes that will give them nightmares.
There’s no heroes in this movie.  This is a different type of war film than say Saving Private Ryan or even Hacksaw Ridge.  There’s no clear cut heroes in this film, just men doing whatever it takes to get off the beach, and some of the things they do are questionable at best.  But as a veteran, I can tell you, sometimes shit happens and you have to make tough choices in order to survive.  This movie doesn’t sugar coat anything, there’s no “War is great, go join now.”  No.  It’s one of the more realistic portrayals I’ve seen, and yes, it does make soldiers look bad, but sometimes you have to be to survive.  I liked that about this film, that it’s not a pro war propaganda film.  The film will probably piss people off because of that fact.  But again, it’s a survival film set in a war film.  You never see the Germans, you see the bullets and war planes and bombs, but never the Germans themselves, which adds to the immediacy because again you feel like you’re the person trying to escape, you feel like you’re running right next to the soldiers on the screen.
There are only a few minor details that draw back from this film being a 10, and from what I understand, several others, including people I asked at the movie theater when we got out, felt the same:  the audio is really hard to make out over the special effects.  I can’t tell if that was done on purpose or not.  Because of that, what little dialogue it does have is almost impossible to make out.  I think that may have been part of Nolan’s plan, to show how utterly chaotic the evacuation was but it made getting to know who the characters were almost impossible.
Other than that, the movie is gripping, heart pounding, and devastating to watch as you witness what it must have felt like to be at Dunkirk during the evacuation.  I highly recommend this film and would go see it again.  I give this film a 9.5 out of a 10.