The Mist (S01E05) "The Waiting Room"

So this episode was interesting to say the least, we had more of a back story with Kevin (Morgan Spector) and Eve (Alyssa Sutherland) in this episode. We also had a revelation be revealed to us in this episode about Bryan (Okezie Morro) but I will get to that in a little bit. I just wonder what other mysteries are we going to have within the next 5 episodes; yes I said 5 episodes thats how many we have left for this season and I sure hope we get more than just 1 season out of this series. This series has proven with just 5 episodes so far that it has possibilities to grow into a fantastic series, to become possibly better than the movie itself.
With this episode we leave off right where episode 4 ended; Kevin, Adrian (Russell Posner), Mia (Danica Curcic) driving Bryan (Okezie Morro) to the hospital before he dies from the gun shot wound. When they arrive at the hospital, residents are all wondering whats going on out in the mist but all what really matters is getting the nurse (Janet Porter) to help Bryan into surgery. While Bryan is in surgery; Kevin starts thinking that he’s never going to see his family again and finds out his brother Mike (Peter Murnik) is lying in a hospital bed dying.
Mike starts talking about what he saw in the mist, next thing he knew he was in the hospital with a bar sticking out of his liver. Adrian then goes wondering off to see how Tyler (Christopher Gray) is hanging in there with the mist among them. Adrian then wonders how Tyler came to be in the hospital; Tyler ran to get help for someone who was hurt nearby and by the time he got in the hospital the mist came upon the hospital. Adrian then tries kissing Tyler but gets beat up for trying something stupid, after the beat down Tyler and Adrian do a passionate kiss in the bathroom.
In flashbacks we see more and more of Kevin and Eve’s life beginning together in their house and how Kevin came to learn about Eve’s past and what his brother Mike always called her when he wasn’t around which was slut, whore, etc. Eve told Kevin about her past and how shes no longer the scared woman that he rescued long ago, that shes now stronger.
Bryan wakes up and Mia have a personal moment together; Mia then chooses to go to the gift shop to get a little gift to help Bryan get better. When Mia gets turned around in the hospital she tries getting information in where Bryan Hunt’s room is. Once she gets the info she goes to the room only to find someone else laying in the bed of the room when she asks who he is he said his name was Bryan Hunt. Mia realizes shes been lied to and tries finding out information about how he ended up in the hospital. The real Bryan tells Mia he was attacked by a man in the Arrowhead facility up the hill but he doesn’t know who he was. Mia then leaves the room still not believing what she has just realized.
Kevin takes Mike into the OR section of the hospital in hopes to save his brothers life but the mist gets so thick Kevin accidentally tips Mike over on the floor where leeches fall from the ceiling disintegrating Mike’s body before him in a hope to end Mikes suffering Kevin shoots Mike in the head and runs back to safety in the hospital.
Next episode: The Mist (S01E06):”The Devil You Know” airs Thursday July 27, 2017 10/9c