Killjoys (S03E04) "The Lion, The Witch, and the Warlord"

While Zeph tries to figure out how to open Khlyen’s weird box, D’avin and Dutch go to the Royale with Johnny to celebrate his promotion to Level 5. He’s one of the big boys now. But Turin tells Johnny that Dutch had repeatedly blocked his way to becoming a 5 sooner. Suddenly a Killjoy comes to collect Johnny as there’s a black warrant on him for Delle Seyah Kendry’s murder. Dutch and Pree get Johnny out of Westerly and try to find a safe place for him to lie low. Pree suggests that they go to Ohron where soldiers known as the Farren could hide him and perhaps they can recruit them in their fight with the Hullen. Pree used to lead the Farren (we need flashbacks to when he was a Warlord Prima Dezz). However, he’s not given a warm welcome despite his dazzling new hair. Turns out Pree not only abandoned the Farren but his lover and new leader Lachlan who is still pretty sore at him for leaving. D’avin meanwhile goes on a fact finding mission to see if Delle Seyah is really dead (she isn’t). He and Garet (Pree’s new employee and maybe lover) look through some security feed finding that Delle Seyah managed to walk away alive with a bullet in her gut.
Lachlan has sentenced Pree to death for desertion but Dutch tries to convince him to let Pree live. However, she only pokes the bear. Instead Lachlan makes Dutch and Johnny face each other off in three challenges and the outcome will make them choose to either save Pree or let him die and the Farren will join them. Zeph finds a way to use D’avin’s connection to the Hullen plasma to find out where Delle Seyah is. After some awkward flirting that wasn’t flirting D’avin manages to find Delle Seyah on Aneela’s ship. He sees that she’s alive and had gone through the transformation. Dutch and Johnny face each other off in the Farren challenges. Dutch wins the first round but Johnny wins the second. The third they don’t get to finish as a Killjoy crashes the party with some knock out gas but before that Dutch and Johnny drank some truth juice and started shredding each other with the hard truth.
Johnny and Dutch wake up tied up and Dutch admits that she blocked Johnny’s promotion to protect him from having to make a cold murder decision but Johnny argues that he’s not there to be Dutch’s angel on her shoulder. She doesn’t want him to turn into her but Johnny and Dutch have grown to become each other’s angel to keep each other on the right path. Pree gets Lachlan to help him rescue Dutch and Johnny before it’s too late. Lachlan agrees after Pree admits the reason he left was because he didn’t want to have to watch Lachlan die for him. Pree and Lachlan with the Farren save Johnny and Dutch. Pree and Lachlan make up (well make out but I suspect there’s still some wounds there). D’avin and Zeph show Dutch and Johnny what they’ve found and D’avin goes dream walking again to find Delle Seyah. It was Delle Seyah who ordered the warrant on Johnny but Aneela canceled the warrant because it was bringing too much attention to them. Shockingly Aneela sees D’avin’s spirit and tells him to send Dutch a message: they’ll meet up soon. Zeph manages to open Khylen’s weird box using DNA and plasma. She needs to share with the group ASAP!
A+! It was nice seeing D’avin interacting with people. His scenes with Zeph were hilarious and I’m pleasantly surprised to see Garet more. He’s really a big teddy bear in need of a hug.