The Bold Type (S01E03) "The Woman Behind the Clothes–Part 1"


So let’s talk about this episode in general. I must say I love the way this show empowers women to fight for themselves. Kat is facing troubles with bullying and violating her privacy on Twitter. This all happened because she finds it unfair that women aren’t equal with men on so many levels nowadays. She truly is a bold type; she’s being so strong and brave, tolerating those rape threats! Jacqueline finally showed us her soft, supportive side during a conversation with her. She’s not only an assertive badass boss, she’s also taking care of each of her employees.
Also, I’m amazed by Sutton. She is such an ambitious woman. I mean, yep, she wants to get this assistant position in the fashion and styling department. It might not seem like a big deal for me or you. but still.. if that’s her dream job, why not? We all saw that she is crazy talented and Jacqueline had no objection to her ideas. She’s gifted and she should take this chance, a leap into the unknown perhaps, but I’m with her with all my heart! Stepping up for herself, telling her boss that she will go for this position with or without her blessing – really powerful move if you ask me. I completely admire her.
And if it’s about Jane, she is my favorite character. She’s brilliant. She’s ingenious. You can see it after she unmasks the politics and fashion connection of that congresswoman’s behavior. Jane also gets what she wants–fighting for this article to the very end, not giving up because some lady said to her ‘not tonight, Scarlet’. Shame on you, lady! You don’t know who you’re messing with!
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