The Bold Type (S01E01-02) "Pilot/Oh Hell No"


Have you heard the news? The Bold Type girls are taking the world into their hands now! And you can see it all on Freeform every Tuesday! Something that every woman should see; something that fans will definitely be showing to their daughters in the future! Yeah, sounds like more than just a TV series. And, in fact, it is. This modern feminist show presents the life of a three young women supporting each other on the way to their goals and dreams. Their friendship started during their work in ‘Scarlet’ magazine, the periodical which, for one of them, Jane, has always been like ‘an older sister she wished she had.’ Jane has been promoted, and now she has to find her own voice as a writer in Scarlet. In the meantime, Sutton is getting bored with her workplace. She’d like to do something more than just picking up the phone and getting green juice for her boss. She starts doing much more than that… the board member Richard. The other girl, Kat, starts to question her sexuality after writing an article about a Muslim girl, Adena. As you can see, a lot is going on in The Bold Type, and if you missed the 2 hour premiere of the show, you better start watching it right now! You won’t regret it!
img 20170723 152950 - The Bold Type (S01E01-02) "Pilot/Oh Hell No"
img 20170723 154018 - The Bold Type (S01E01-02) "Pilot/Oh Hell No"