The Bold Type (S01E03) "The Woman Behind the Clothes" part 2


The Bold Type Ships
Ok TBT fandom – I feel like it’s the right time to finally start this topic. Because the first and second episode of the show aired one by one on the same day, I think we can make some room for ships in a separate post instead. Let’s go with Jane’s relationship at the beginning. She had to write an article about stalking an unstalkable ex. She put a lot of effort into it and finally got to talk to him. I kinda thought we’d see the whole conversation between her and this dude. I’d like to see him explaining himself. But I never hoped that they would get back together, cuz who dumps his girlfriend just like that, without any particular reason? Yeah, some asshole. And who does that ON HER BIRTHDAY? A double asshole. I think she’s a really great girl, and she can do a lot better. What about the new work colleague? He seemed like a one-night-stand kinda guy from the beginning, but now it looks like it could be something more. I’m glad he hasn’t been using Jane as research for his article and that this article he wrote actually points out issues to men, shows them that they do have responsibility, too. It also shows something to us – that the new object of Jane’s interest isn’t just an egoist, sexist one. He may be a decent guy. We’ll see how it will develop in the next episodes. #Janestripe
Now, let’s give some lines to the Sutton & Richard thing. We all thought it was just a work romance. But now Sutton has stood him up and has told him that she wants to go for dates–she deserves better. At this point I was worried that he’ll leave her and not make himself any trouble, that it was just sex for him and nothing more. Here is my big positive surprise – he realized how valuable this relationship may be and that he cares for her, deciding to take this relationship to the next level. He bought her breadsticks!!! Yeah, that’s right! Breadsticks. After she stood him up! Such a perfection. It could be a nice modern way to propose if you ask me. I would be pleased! #Suttard
And finally, some of you might be happy that #Kadena is now in the picture again. Perhaps these two will get close, and Kat will realize she’s a bisexual and that that’s not a bad thing. We all have to wait until next Tuesday to see what was so important that Adena wanted to talk to Kat IN PERSON. Stay tuned!
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