Wynonna Earp (S02E07) "Everybody Knows"

Now that Wynonna’s pregnancy is out in the open you would think all the surprises are over and done with, guess again. This is after all Wynonna Earp and we never know what’s coming. This week was no different.
Things seemed back to business as usual with Dolls and Wynonna paying a visit to the Gardner’s house looking for the creepy Tucker, after a brief conversation with Merceedes and their claims of not knowing anything Dolls and Wynonna leave but Wynonna seems to think Merceedes is not being truthful, imagine that a demon widow in a human form not being truthful who would have thought.
Everyone then returns to the Earp home and Jeremy gives the team a run down on how the widows came to be. They were unclassified demons that were set loose when Doc’s bomb went kaboom. Waverly knows they are after the last seal and nothing is going to stop them. Dolls has  a OBGYN come to the house to examine Wynonna, a house call, who knew doctors still did that, but then again if a former Black Badge agent calls, you go. While examining Wynonna the doctor then tells Wynonna she will need blood samples from both the mother and the father. Wynonna looks a bit pale and we think okay well this is where she will have the talk with Doc about the baby, but no that isn’t it at all. It seems Doc may or may not be the father. Surprise number one. Well now this is a little awkward. That talk is going to be a little harder to have. In the meantime Doc is outside having a smoke when a boy visits Doc and tells him that the Marshalls are coming to  get him from a warrant that has been issued on Doc.  It seems our charming Doc slept with a judge’s wife, turns out he did it a couple of times in fact. Just as Doc gets this news Waverly comes outside and says Wynonna needs to talk to him.
Wynonna is prepared to tell Doc everything but then Doc tells her that all he wants is for her to be happy and healthy and he will do anything to make that happen. It was for me the scene of the week. Tim Rozon had me feeling like I was eavesdropping on a very intimate conversation. I was so lost in that scene between the two of them. Doc clearly loves Wynonna, but until he knows exactly what she wants he will be there for her in the way she wants him to be. Still in that scene Doc let Wynonna and us in for just a glimpse of how he feels, it was just the right amount for us all to see before the door closed again. It was enough that Wynonna couldn’t bring herself to tell Doc. Doc in the meantime is upset about who is coming for him, and Waverly takes his actions to mean he is upset about maybe not being the father and inadvertently tells him. Who hasn’t done that let a secret or two out. All you can do at this point is say, oops or in Waverly’s case “oh poop”.
Dolls and Jeremy stake out the Gardner house in the event Tucker slithers back, while at the stakeout Jermey tells Dolls he has a piece of the veil that he can analyze and  come up with a antidote from the widow’s cold breath, I guess it is going to take more than mints. Jermey and Dolls on stakeout was such a funny scene. Jeremy was completely over the moon at being in the field and Dolls was completely annoyed he was out in the field with a rookie. It worked and these two played off each other so well. However I think Jeremy is better in the lab. Meanwhile Wynonna takes Nicole and goes to a classy little joint called Pussy Willows to look for, well we aren’t sure, but we know that it’s gotten Nicole drinking double fisted.
Doc is at the office arming himself to the teeth for his fight and Jermey is in the lab coming up with the antidote when Jermey request Doc and Dolls help. Apparently he needs six hands, really six hands, I don’t need that many to prepare Christmas dinner, but this is Jermey so you just go with it. He starts the process and then uses a binding spell to get the vapors out, but he ends up binding Doc, Dolls and himself together. Uh oh did I say Jermey was better in the lab, no I did not.
As soon as he does that in walks Bass Reeves, the ghost bounty hunter looking for Doc. He catches Doc and strings him up but he also strings up Dolls and Jermey as well. This has to be the funniest scene of the week. Jermey ends up on Doll’s back and then he is stuck there while Doc is strung up. It took some deft maneuvering but they managed to get down and knock out Reeves and make a run for it, only they ran into the arms of host of US Marshalls. Man this is just not Doc’s day.
Back at the Pussy Willows Nicole is getting tipsy and Wynonna is telling Nicole she came here to blow off some steam one night and end ended up with Jonas, the bartender. Just as they were devising a plan to get his DNA, Jonas’s eyes go black, and his voice changes, well we know what that means. Yes, Wynonna slept with a demon. That came as a huge surprise to her and well a surprise to us too.  Surprise number two. See what I mean this show is just full of them. However the only person it wasn’t a surprise to was Jonas, he knew who Wynonna was. His true self came out and he wanted to go out again with Wynonna again, after saying no repeatdly, Nicole pulls her gun shoots out the lights and they make a run for it. Jonas chases after them and Waverly shows up in the nick of time to knock him out. Nicole is drunk and cute and Waverly is a little annoyed that they are at a strip club and why were they chasing the bad guy. Don’t worry Waverly they will explain it to you in the car.  They take  Jonas out to a field to discuss the situation and well things go down hill from there. Jonas says some very vile, ugly things to Wynonna. I wanted to reach thru the TV and kill the guy myself. Wynonna however stood there and listened, her calm determined manner shows us just how much Wynonna has grown. What this man was saying was not about her, it was about how evil he was. She did not take it personally but she knew Jonas could not exist because he would tell others and she and her baby would never be safe. So Wynonna  does what she knows needs to be done, she raises the peacemaker and sends Jonas back to hell we here he belongs. Waverly tells Wynonna she did the right thing and together they will raise the baby.
Meanwhile Dooc is about to meet his fate when Dolls recognizes Reeves and the famous US Marshall. Reeves was the one who inspired Dolls to become one himself. He then tell Reeves how Doc has changed and how he is one of them now  Reeves accepts that and the ghost Marshalls leave. Doc thanks Dolls and then ask him if he meant what he said. Dolls turns to start walking and says no, but the smile on his face says maybe I did but you will never know. I just loved that Dolls was the one who saved Doc. it just fit.
We end with Wynonna and Waverly discussing the baby and what being half demon might mean. Wynonna says it does not matter she is going to raise that baby an Earp.  Waverly looks sad for a moment and then she tells Wynonna she may not be an Earp either. Surprise number three.
I loved this episode, it was classic Wynonna Earp. It had the comedy, the emotional moments, and the suspense. This story is far from over in fact we really are just beginning.
That being said I have to say I hope Doc is the father, it really really needs to be Doc. The possibilities that it could bring leave me almost giddy. Wynonna and Doc as parents who doesn’t want to see that. With the show being renewed for a well deserved third season the show certainly has time to tell the story.
A big thank you needs to go to SYFY for renewing this quirky, unconventional but great show. Thank you SYFY, it is a show that deserves to be on the air  and we the fans are so glad you recognized that.
Until next week.