Preacher (S02E06) "Sokosha"

Spoilers are unavoidable in an episode that create so many revelations. You have been warned.

This episode was a whirlwind of activity from start to finish. It was hard to keep up with the storyline at first, and then it all connected beautifully. The business of collecting souls seems to be a lucrative and profitable market. It seems to be as commonplace as a blood transfusion. This is build up to our ever-growing storyline, and it’s interesting to see all the twisted dynamics.

The Killer Cowboy (Graham McTavish) has finally tracked down the trio. The apartment building is vast and the people are terrified. Being lead to the wrong room, what does one do? Cut through every last living soul until the Preacher is exposed. The Saint of Killer’s is no joke, he is a powerful and unrelenting force of nature. The idyllic breakfast that Tulip (Ruth Negga) put together was about to come to a grinding halt. Jesse (Dominic Cooper) seems to have a keen sense of his surroundings and they manage to get out just before the angry saint comes marching in.

Running is out of the question, since Jesse refuses to give up the use of Genesis, so they must put their heads together and do some old-fashioned research. As they retire to a dusty library to learn the lore of the saint, they begin to uncover his weaknesses. He is the only living person without a soul, because of his transgressions he was not able to enter heaven with his family, doomed to an eternity of torment. No wonder why he’s always so pissed off. When Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) realises that Denis (Ronald Guttman) wasn’t aware of the psychopath on the loose, he calls him in a panic. But could it be too late for our host? Not if Jesse has anything to do with it. It’s time to face the demon.

The Saint will leave them alone, but only if Jesse can get him what he wants. A soul. No big deal right? Unless you only have an hour to do so, and your friends are used as bartering chips. It adds some tense and dramatic moments, certainly an episode that keeps you on your toes.

Jesse seems to have a working knowledge of the soul industry, there is something more to him that has yet to be revealed, we are still learning about these characters and it’s enjoyable the way their back story’s are unwinding. A local Voodoo shop seems to be the place he is drawn to, but it turns up another dead end, they were pushed out of the soul business by some rich Japanese corporation. (Soul Happy Go Go). Which happen to have a predictable schedule and happen to be parked outside the very building Jesse was in.

Apparently trying to break into an armor vehicle isn’t as easy as Tulip’s simple instructions would make you believe. It took the police, Genesis, and a punch to the face to get into the truck. Time was dwindling down, and it wasn’t looking good for the captives. There had to be a match, but the saint was rare. In these moments it makes you reflect on what an intricate and alluring story they have woven together for us. The imminent danger and the unknown end result keep you hanging on the edge of your seat. In the end it seems that the only match is Jesse.

Thing’s aren’t going so well at the apartment. Denis is getting sicker and the time is dwindling down. Why is Denis so important to the story? I had been trying to figure out who this person was to Cassidy, and why did he always seem so angry. It all finally makes sense when Cassidy reveals that Dennis is not just an old friend, he is Cassidy’s son. It was a mind-blowing “didn’t see that coming” moment, although this show seems to be ripe with them.

We know that nothing is going to happen to our trio, at least not yet. So when Jesse swoops in and saves the day, they all live to see another episode. The Saint finally gets what he has wanted for so many lonely and hellish years, a soul. Now that he had a soul, he could go to heaven. But promises are meant to be broken. At last Genesis can be used against the murderous cowboy, now that he has a soul he is no longer immune. Jesse makes sure he is silenced, for now. But I have a feeling this is not the last time we will see the Saint of Killers.

Next week we get to enter the world of Herr Starr. Exciting things ahead!

Rating: 9/10

Preacher airs on AMC, Mondays at 7/9c