The Real Housewives of Orange County (S12E03) "The Not So Quiet Woman"

We picked up right where the last episode ended, with Shannon storming off after Lydia had the audacity to say she’s just like Vicki.  Lydia completely stirred the pot by saying Shannon was acting like Vicki, then plays the innocent I’m the victim act when Shannon confronts her on her bs.  When Shannon tries to explain why she reacted the way she did, pretty calmly considering, especially for Shannon, Lydia says, “I say hello and this is how you act?  I’m done.  I feel like we’re not going to be friends.  Hello!  I wouldn’t want to be friends with you either, just meeting me and saying I’m like the cancerscammer Vicki.  That was stirring the pot and she knew it.  I already see what roles she’s playing this season.  Using Christianity like Tamra to get into everyone’s business then say she’s trying to play peacemaker.  #getoveryourself.  Very fitting that this fight is taking place at a 2yo birthday party at a petting zoo.  Tamra said Shannon’s been in a fragile state, and lets be honest, she’s been in one since season 9 when she found out about David’s affair.  Can she please either deal with it so she’s not completely stressed out all the time and walking on eggshells around the asshole or dump his ass?  So much for getting over infidelity in 2 years.  All these Fung Shui, Drs. With Many bs jobs, are not helping her.  She’s trying holistic methods instead of traditional methods for her health and its obviously not working for her.  Can she please get serious and go see an actual doctor or therapist?  I’m worried for her.
We get to learn more about Peggy’s journey with her double mastectomy.  She had one because she had the markers for breast cancer and a high family history.  We follow her to the doctor (a real one) as she gets her check up and tries to choose what size to go for.  Last episode I was a little iffy on her, I always am when meeting the new housewife that seems to have the perfect life.  She actually seems very down to earth so far.  She’s not flashy like Heather or Alexis were about their wealth, and I like that.  She is proud of what she and her husband’s accomplished, and that’s ok.
We peek in on Vicki and her move drama, which so far is her only drama since she hasn’t been in near Shannon or Tamra yet.  She says something about getting cameras because she wants to see everything her employees are doing at any given time.  Allegedly her problem is she’s too trusting in the past and employees have taken advantage of her.  Cue the eye rolling now.
We see Lydia berating Doug about the magazine not getting to print on time, which I can understand, but the way she’s talking to him is kind of hilarious considering she was calling him her Prince Charming last episode.  She said he needs to grow some balls and “get meaner.”  Tamra calls, and they discuss what happened, with Lydia still acting confused over what Shannon’s problem was.
Tamra and Shannon then talk on the phone about the party.   Tamra, in one of the wierdest statements of all time, said , “I’m still the peacemaker of the OC.  #RodneyKing.”  I was like WTF????  Who in their right minds relates themselves to Rodney King?  That’s like saying JFK was like Martin Luthor King.  Totally out of context and slightly offensive.  After 9 seasons Tamra should know better.
Shannon and Tamra head to dinner to meet Lydia and Peggy.  In the car on the way, Shannon tells Tamra how much weight she’s gained over the year.  Tamra acts shocked, like she has no idea Shannon’s gained that much weight, which of  course is bs.  The ironic thing is, as a fitness expert, shouldn’t Tamra have been the first one questioning Shannon about her health?  Why is she acting so shocked?  This is your bestie.  Maybe Shannon does live a ways away, but shouldn’t you have made time to help her?
The dinner (appropriately enough at the Quiet Woman) starts off with Lydia telling Peggy not to bring up Vicki.  She seems to have learned that lesson thank god.  She says she wants to be “The Quiet Woman” during dinner which had me bent over laughing.  When Tamra and Shannon finally show up Lydia says immediately that she wants to clear the air.  They kiss and make up, then Shannon starts talking to Peggy about her weight gain.  For someone who’s supposedly not wanting that to be the topic of conversation, she sure brings it up every other sentence.  She says its because of the allegations Vicki made about David beating her.  Peggy tried to make a joke which got lost in translation that in Armenia they have a joke saying their husband beats them every Friday.  I’m sure it means something else, but it fell flat with this crowd.
Then the shit really hit the fan when Kelly Dodd arrived.  I wasn’t sure if she was still invited or if Lydia had told her not to come, because she seemed shocked but not really when Kelly showed up (with a friend as backup).  Lydia excused herself to “pee real quick” and made a bee line for Kelly, who was heading to the bathroom right after Shannon.  The whole thing was the second biggest set up of the night, the first being that birthday party meltdown, and very appropriate because this time the shit hit the fan in the bathroom.
When Shannon sees Kelly, the first thing she says is, “I don’t want to tear up, but I’ve gained 40 pounds.”  Who tells someone they don’t like that?  Shannon’s tagline should be I don’t want to tear up, she says it so freaking much.  We get it, Shannon, you gained weight.  Newsflash:  it sucks, but you’re not the first person in history to gain weight.  It happens.
Kelly and Shannon started fighting because Kelly felt Shannon had a tone when she said hi just now, and Shannon goes off again.  She felt it was a set up, which it obviously was because Lydia had told Kelly where they were going to dinner the night before.  Lydia tries to bring calm by holding a prayer circle with Shannon to calm her down.  Then Kelly sat down at their table and they try to squash everything.  Shannon talks about the past, and Kelly says Shannon’s always upset, which is true.  Shannon said Kelly was cruel and disgusting, which is ironic considering what happened last year in Ireland with “Naked Wasted part 2.”
So let me know what you think of the episode.  Is Shannon playing a victim?  Is she really fragile or just trying to get sympathy?  Is her staying with David healthy for her?  Do you think Lydia is a peacemaker or pot stirrer?  Do you like Peggy?  Let me know in the comments below.