Ash vs Evil Dead (S02E07) “Delusion”

This is my favorite Ash vs Evil Dead episode.  Not only is it well written with bits of characteristic humor, but it also lets Bruce Campbell flex his acting muscles. Every actor deserves to have his moment in the spotlight, and although he is the main character in the show, his performance stands out.
Ash is usually a brash and overly confident guy, full of swagger. However, in this particular venture, he is a man on the verge of breaking down. Driven to his limit, questioning his own sanity, this is a different side to our chainsaw sporting hero. He is vulnerable and his torment is easily accessible. You feel what Ash is going through, and that is the best compliment that you can bestow upon an actor.
Images from Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 flash across the screen. Ash bolts upward in bed which causes his head to hurt. Wincing he looks around and wonders where he is. He sees a picture of the Necronomicon on the wall. At this point, he is hearing voices.
Baal introduces himself as Dr. Peacock, Ash’s psychiatrist. He tells him that he has become increasingly agitated since his psychotic break. Ash knows something isn’t quite right because he doesn’t have a shrink or healthcare. He realizes that this is Baal and he is toying with him.
Annoyed, he starts choking the demon-in-disguise and telling him that he knows who he is, and he is going to kill him. Baal/Dr. Peacock stabs him with a sedative, and Ash goes down for the count.
When he awakens, Ash remembers Pablo being turned into the book. Ruby dressed as a nurse appears in the doorway with an enema. Ash tries to convince her to get Pablo and Kelly so they can get out of there. Baal/Peacock explains that there is no Pablo, Ruby or Kelly. Ash invented this delusion to compensate for murdering his friends.
Since Ash is a difficult and “special” case, Baal/Peacock presents him with the Ashy Slashy puppet in the hopes that Ash will confide in him. There are some priceless puppet retorts, but Ash has enough of the little guy and slams him into the wall.
Baal/Peacock keeps repeating over and over to get rid of the book. After being violently shaken in his bed, Ash falls onto the floor and crawls into the hallway. He can’t walk because of the sedative. This particular bit of action harkens back to the scene in Evil Dead 2 where he is crawling along the floor.
Finally, Ash attempts to stand up, but everything is bending and twisting like a fun house mirror. He hears Baal/Peacock coming after him, so he ducks into a room. It just so happens that this is Kelly’s room.
Ash approaches her and tries to talk some sense into her. She is too far gone at this point to even be coherent. Screaming at Ash, she calls him a murderer and says that he has been there forever. Then she starts breaking her fingers one by one while a horrified Ash looks on.
Pablo/Orderly comes into the room and knocks Ash to the ground. Looking up, he can see that it isn’t Kelly sitting on the bed but some other girl. He tries to talk to Pablo, but it is futile.
Ash finds himself strapped to a gurney in the shock treatment room. Baal/Peacock is turning up the electricity with glee. He tells Ash that he is not the Jefe and he needs to kill the book. When Ash hears him say, “You will be my henchman and my slaughter man,” he asks if Baal has said anything.
Chet suddenly appears next to him and both of them get another shock, but this time it starts to take its toll on Ash. Unfortunately for Chet, it fries him. Literally.
As the world moves on without him, Ash sits in a stupor in front of the television set. He looks around and sees Ruby/Nurse feeding a patient. He wheels over to her and says that he knows what is going on. She thinks he is a dangerous nutcase, so she sends him away.
Kelly comes up to him and lets him know that she knows what is going on now, and they are locked up because they know the truth. When the nurse passes by, Ash can clearly see it wasn’t Ruby. He then has an idea so that he and Kelly can escape.
Standing up, he starts flipping chairs and tables, agitating the other patients and making them exhibit violent behavior. The orderlies finally arrive. They toss Ash to the ground, and Pablo/Orderly starts smashing his face in. Before Ash is knocked out, he grabs the key card from Pablo.
When he is back in his room, Ashy Slashy wakes him up. Divulging his plan to break out, he gets the puppet to go along with him. They grab Kelly. On the way toward the exit, Pablo/Orderly is at his guard post. Kelly distracts him by tossing pills into the hall.
Meanwhile, Ash is trying to use the keycard to get out but it isn’t working. He turns around to find that Kelly murdered Pablo/Orderly. The alarms go off, and Ash is pinched. This time they think he has committed the heinous murders, so they taser him. He slumps to the floor screaming in pain.
ash in strait jacket delusion - Ash vs Evil Dead  (S02E07) “Delusion”
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