Animal Kingdom (S02E08) “Grace”

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Another stellar episode! We are so lucky to be able to witness these Emmy-worthy performances first hand. The episode was written by David Michod and Jonathan Lisco. Directed by Cherie Nowlan.
Deran: Flavor of the month.
First off, I love Deran. Am I worried all this “love in the afternoon” is going to coming back hard to bite him… Yes. He should stay focused on going legit and stick with Adrian. He’s the right one for him. This “Business Association” guy is baiting him with sex thinking that will, in turn, get Deran to pay the association fees. He even had the balls to ask him again for the dues after they just had sex last night. OUCH. Deran, wake up! He’s giving you the names to his bookkeeper and his insurance guy. He wants you to owe him. Don’t you see it? Read between the lines before it’s too late. He will retaliate if he doesn’t get his way by getting the goods on you. (Which eventually leads to blackmailing you…) Why go thru all of that, when you have Adrian who loves you for you.
Pope: I always feel like somebody’s watching me…

I thought about the music playing last night during Pope’s scene. It was a good song. I felt an even stronger one could have been played for him. I always had a song in mind that reminded me of him though. It’s by the “Rolling Stones” – “Playing with Fire” . It could be his theme song.

“Don’t play with me, because your playing with fire.”

That one line describes Pope Cody in a nutshell. You mess with him and his family you’ll regret it. Pope is by far my favorite character on the show. He is so brooding. So complex like peeling back the layers of an onion. What happened last night…well…it threw me for a loop. I should have known better. “Because when you mess with Pope Cody, you’re playing with fire.” Instead of burning the checks, which you would think Pope would have done. (I thought he burned some last week’s episode?) He didn’t I guess. Not all of them anyway. He let Leon, Amy’s ex-con friend from the church group, take the rap. He is the coolest and calmest customer under pressure. Even as the cops were searching his own house! (I guess being that he was apart of the church group he was also a suspect? No dice though. No evidence.) Pope is as loyal as hell. He does what he has to all in the name of self-preservation for himself and his family. I guess Smurf thought it was okay to lay in Pope’s bed naked. Breaking News Flash: Pope is not co-dependent on you anymore, Smurf. I loved it when he walked away from her.
J: Two can play that game.
This or that? I think of the “Black Sheep” song “The Choice is Yours” .
“You can get with this, Or you can get with that. I think you’ll get with this, Cuz this is where it’s at.”
Watching J being jealous over Nicky is like torture at times. She is sleeping with your Uncle Craig. Don’t get jealous. The best revenge is living better, friend. Expand your horizons and find someone worthy of your time. It’s bad enough he has to watch his Uncle and ex smoking pot and planning a job together. Craig, you really think that is such a wise idea? I wouldn’t trust her with details like that. If she gets caught, you don’t think she’ll crack like a pinata. We then see J with his new friend by the pool side. I mean really J? Are you trying to get Nicky jealous? I have to say at this point, I really don’t blame him. Craig and Nicky making out, doing drugs and being sloppy all over the house in front of him. They don’t show him any respect. It’s not cool and not acceptable. I don’t care what kind of “reality” they are in either. GROW THE HELL UP! Two can play this game. J’s playing his hand pretty well because it’s obvious Nicky doesn’t like it. HA HA.
Baz: I’m onto you Smurf.
Last night Baz was on a mission! He wanted to know how Smurf was going to pay all the money back. You know, the $200k she borrowed to pay Javi as ransom money? It was from the guys’ Church heist job . He decided to put a tracker on her. That Baz, he’s So sneaky. He puts the tracker in Smurf’s pocketbook and then slips out of the house…  While later, Smurf goes to her storage locker. Hum, very interesting, deduces Baz. “This is how she has been ripping us off for the last 9 years.” A little while later Smurf comes back to the house. She pays back the 200k from the job as promised to Baz. You will never believe what happens next! She her sons $20k each for helping her and being loyal. This was like an “I’m sorry/Thank You.” from Smurf and J got 20k too. Baz tips back into the house and removes the tracker from Smurfs purse. He thinks no one will be the wiser. Or will they?
As we get towards the ending… BOMBSHELL! The private investigator working for Baz to find Catherine gets something HUGE. Catherine was an SI for who exactly? (Secret Informant for the FBI?) This sounds jacked to me. The private investigator Baz hired dug and dug and well… I don’t think it was Catherine at all. Who could it be? You remember. Dig deep. Was it J and Nicky? Season 1… Or maybe Smurf herself?
“Grace” Random Observations.

  • Can Nicky really be trusted? Should Craig really have brought her into all of this with the Yacht job? Was that a smart move. (I SAY, NO WAY, JOSE.)
  • I think the detective believes Baz murdered Catherine. He keeps pressing their daughter, Lena, for, answers. If Pope or Smurf don’t do something about the detective, Baz is going to end up in jail or worse… Will Pope tell Baz what really happened? (YES)
  • What is the deal with Amy and Pope? She is like a thief in the night. She is good for him? Yes, No, Maybe So? We hardly ever see them together. Inquiring minds want to know this. (ME)

I hope you enjoyed the blog. Until next week everyone!
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