The Bold Type (S01E04) "If You Can't Do It With Feeling"


Woow! A lot have happened in that episode! I’m impressed how this show is getting in our hearts episode by episode, somehow it’s finding a voice which speaks to us all girls, am I right? But let’s go to the point now.
Jane is finally having a satisfying sex life. That’s good, actually good twice lol. It’s high time Jane! The hook ups with Pinstripe were truly well-played, really! Only the lamps got a little hurt but who cares! Moreover, Jane was invited to be on this political panel because of this brilliant article about congresswoman she made in the latest episode. This congresswoman piece made some voice, this is how much our Jane is talented! If it’s about the political panel, she maybe didn’t speak much at this discussion but she made a hell of impression, didn’t she? It doesn’t matter how much she said, it’s what she said that matters. And she was that good she even get quoted by some important well-known woman at twitter! It’s definitely a great achievement. So, congratulation Jane! No one can talk over you, just remember to always believe in yourself! And for the record, these leather black trousers – you were killing in it! You could conquer the world like that!
Also, we can congratulate Sutton who obstinately fought for what she deserves. Again! There was a moment I felt really bad for her, I was convinced she won’t get this dreamed job but guess what… she did! She maybe didn’t go for a fancy Fashion Institution of Technology but she’s more that magnificent in this field and definitely she can handle a fashion assistant position. This moodboard was an amazing job, you’ve got to agree with me. She didn’t admit to lie or should I say conceal the lie, but she did a lot more than that. She bared out of everything, she showed to Oliver who she really is and that she will work her ass off for him just to be in this work. It’s impressive that she is doing her best even when she seemed to be at a lost position. Go get it Sutton! You’re the best!
#Kadena hmm… a lot of feelings about this two. They finally talked in private. Yes they did! And it was definitely a date. Walking in the NYC park ohhhh it really was such a romantic thing, it was kind of a torn from reality, like there was only them in the world and nothing else mattered. Sadly this accident with a rude man happened and Adena escaped. She kinda had a point about being from a different world than Kat, but for me it doesn’t explain how she left Kat to handle alone this whole thing with caps. She was all by herself and she spend the night in jail after all and had to ask for her boss’s help to get out. She couldn’t even call her friends cuz she didn’t have her phone and all that because you took it! It wasn’t a right move Adena, even if you could get deported, you should have stayed with Kat because you were the reason she got in that mess in the first place. But I’m glad everything was forgiven and they finally have kissed. But it should have been Adena who should try to get to the door and get a chance to talk and explain herself, not Kat, if you ask me. Adena wanted this letter of recommendation and Kat didn’t hesitate, she just agreed to write it for her, so it’s gotta be something more on the picture than just some simple romance! And standing in defense for Adena, such a brave move! There are feelings involved, definitely! And I’m sure will see much more about them in the coming episodes. Kat’s confession of feelings was beautiful.
Oh, I almost forgot! Kat, you have a really nice right hook! Where did you learn that?
At the end I’d like to stop and take a moment to realize and appreciate all those scenes in the elevator. We all had these moments in life when we was telling the story and suddenly someone has interrupted us and it was like ‘ummm wait, I’m gonna tell you later’ didn’t we? Haha you know the feeling! It was funny! These scenes were building tension, really. All the waiting for people to left the lift just to talk about things (Sutton and Richard #Suttard) or to simply express the happiness (all three girls) – it was cool, it really was. Girls was dancing and jumping and squeaking too. A lot of positive energy! Thank you The Bold Type! It’s a pleasure to follow the story of these girls! And it’s a pleasure to see there are strong women like this in the world nowadays! It brings a faith in the future.
And people, mainly lesson from these episode:

Real is what makes you who you are.

Always remember that.
PS Am I the only one who didn’t realize that Jane and Sutton are roomates till this episode? Lol

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