The Mist (S01E06) "The Devil You Know"

This episode had quite a lot that happened and we are finally starting to get more deaths in the episodes continuing on from now. Even though for our first season we only have 4 episodes left but I have a feeling that these last 4 episodes are going to be the greatest of our first season. We did however get a name for this guy who thought he was Bryan Hunt; Jonah Dixon, but who is he? I guess its further mysteries that will be solved throughout the time of the series.
I’m really liking how the mist is making everyone see it’s manifestations differently; its like it reads the minds of it’s prey and manifests in the forms they wish. I wonder if we will see any giant spiders or perhaps the thing that keeps decapitating bodies. I mean we saw a victim of the one that keeps decapitating bodies but we haven’t seen a manifestation of what it might be though. Maybe they are wanting the viewers to use their imagination, who knows.
With this episode, we had who we thought was Bryan Hunt (Okezie Morro) confront the real Bryan Hunt and it didn’t go so well. The confrontation lead to a fight in the hospital room where a name was given Jonah Dixon, but is that his name? Bryan then heard the other man tell him “they will be coming for you” but who are they? Could it be Arrowhead? Or someone else? Mysteries to be solved soon.
In the hospital Adrian (Russell Posner) over hears patients are going missing within the hospital but not to worry patients the nurse (Janet Porter) doesn’t announce it until she can find out what has happened. When the doctor comes to Kevin (Morgan Spector) to ask about his brother, Kevin only gave a look of not good. The doctor then goes to tend to something; hearing a scream Kevin investigates to find the doctor performing some kind of experiment on a patient that went missing. The doctor then knocks out Kevin to be the next victim.
Meanwhile, Mia (Danica Curcic) goes to her house again to try to find what she was looking for before. Afraid the mist might start affecting her she retreats to the house but only to find out the mist is within the house affecting her immediately. The Mist then takes her to her mother’s old bedroom revealing writing on the wall ‘Welcome Home Baby Doll’ is what it read. Afraid of the manifestation Mia doesn’t make eye contact until it makes its presence known as her mother. When the mist thinks it has her pulled in deep it starts to try to kill her but Mia used her strength to kill the manifestation or did she? More mysteries!
Back at the Church, Father Romanov (Bill Carr) is losing more and more of his followers of the church community. His pupil Link (Dylan Authors) asks the priest to try to undo Nathalie’s (Frances Conroy) control over everyone in the church. His pupil then goes to lure Nathalie in the attic of the church; when Link is denied the success, Nathalie breaks the attic window letting the mist in to kill him. We have our first sacrifice, soon there will be more by the hands of Nathalie the crazy religious woman.
When Kevin wakes up he’s tied down not sure in how he got there he’s feeling drugged by the doctors work. The doctor then goes with his experiment to let the mist in to see if it will over come him or kill him. As Kevin is in the mist he sees some weird things including a talking owl, and himself. Before the doctor’s experiment could go any further Bryan and Adrian over come the doctor and get Kevin out of there. Bryan then stabs the doctor leaving him to his death.
Back at the mall, Alex (Gus Birney) and Eve (Alyssa Sutherland) have some mother, daughter time putting on some clothes and looking very fashion like. Alex chooses a yellow jacket and goes to the break room to find out if she can get any supplies. Eve finds a printing store in hopes to give people hope. As Alex is getting supplies someone sets fire to the break room, screaming for help, Jay (Luke Crosgrove) breaks the door down to save Alex.
In the end of the episode, the hospital no longer becomes safe with the mist destroying the generators and inhabiting every hallway. Mia, Kevin, Adrian, and Bryan all hope to find sanctuary in the psych ward.
Next Episode: The Mist(S01E07):”Over The River and Through The Woods” airs Thursday August 3, 2017