Killjoys (S03E05) "Attack the RAC"

Dutch and D’avin kidnap upper management of the RAC and prepare for a coup to route out any Hullen hidden in their midst. They convince the leaders they kidnapped to go along with their plan when they provide them with proof of alien parasites among them. Gander is not happy to see Kendry worming her way into Aneela’s inner circle. When he questions her decision to interfere with the Quad she gives him a nasty brain melt. Kendry manages to get Aneela to relent but Gander is further humiliated. With their small resistance Dutch, D’avin, and Johnny surprise the RAC and paralyze everyone inside. The plan is to paralyze, find Hullen by cutting them and seeing if they heal, then kill any Hullen they find. At first everything goes to plan but then poor Benji finds a Hullen and just before he tries to spike him the Hullen grabs him. Every Hullen was just playing possum. Poor Benji dies and the team has to come up with a new plan. Turin and Fancy Lee interrogate their Hullen captive who just plays mind games with them. Carter (one of the RAC agents they kidnapped) believes that Fancy is still Hullen and that they shouldn’t trust him. Johnny, Dutch, D’avin and MacAvoy try to make a new plan when they’re ambushed by Hullen scientists. Dutch gets away but leaves our boys aren’t so lucky. Dutch lands in a trash shoot which screams Star Wars. I have expected a one eyed trash alien to prop up.
Dutch makes her way through the garbage level while D’avin and Johnny are tortured by Hullen. Johnny is put in a chair where they use a device to burn memories from his mind. Turns out MacAvoy betrayed them all because he wanted immortality. Someone should have told him that the Hullen doesn’t take anyone spineless. He gets killed and Dutch manages to get out of the garbage level but strips down so she couldn’t be smelled from miles away. She ends up in the locker room and finds something of Banyan’s that convinces her that she’s Hullen. Banyan surprises Dutch and they fight but when she stabs her Banyan proves all too human and starts bleeding out. Banyan explains that she was trying to find out about Level 6 but every time she discovered something her investigation was shut down. Dutch promises to come back for Banyan. Gander catches up with Kendry and asks her what she really wants and how he can give it to her in order to buy his way back into Aneela’s inner circle or to get rid of Kendry. Kendry isn’t interested. She likes being the psychotic despot’s new main squeeze. Fancy is in the cell with a Hullen barracuda and tries to torture the truth out of her but she only adds to Carter’s and Turin’s suspicion that maybe Fancy isn’t being so honest and they shouldn’t trust him. When Fancy is locked in battle with the Hullen he pleads for Turin to help but Turin hesitates. Fancy manages to get free and knock the Hullen unconscious.
D’avin has had enough of the Hullen playing torture with his brother so he makes one of their eyes explode. They take D’avin and leave Johnny to be executed but Dutch manages to save him. They use the DNA Bomb to destroy the Hullen on the RAC ship by using their alien DNA. It works and all the Hullen are dead and they manage to get to D’avin in time. They celebrate their victory and Turin tries to mend fences with Fancy but Fancy feels too betrayed to accept any kind of apology. Dutch takes Carter back to his RAC ship but it blows up. All of the RAC ships accept for Dutch’s explode. Aneela planted bombs on all of the ships as a physical and psychological attack on Dutch. Kendry is impressed with Aneela’s maneuvers and they become lovers.
Explosive ending! I’m looking forward to Dutch’s eventual meeting with her evil doppelgänger. And D’avin has the same kind of psychic powers as Aneela what’s that about? We may find out next episode. A+!