Dark Matter (S03E05) "Give It Up, Princess"

This week’s episode not only had humor and character growth, it had some very shocking twists near the end.
“Give It Up, Princes,” was very strong in character development with Adrian and Solara. We learned that Solara has a troubled past as she was teaching Five combat moves, or so she thought. And Adrian finally showed a dramatic side, instead of being all funny and wacky.
When Adrian’s friend is being held hostage for a drive that contains some highly classified document known as Phoenix, he begs the crew of the Raza to help get that drive and rescue his friend. It was a solid story.
Four’s story arc so far hasn’t really got my interest since the start of the season, as it really has felt like “this is what’s going on with Four, just dealing with death threats and being played to sides of his mentor and assistant.” It’s one of the weakest parts so far.
There was some scene stealing from Zoie Palmer as Android dresses up like a supermodel and rescues Five and Adrian from the guards. And that’s not to mention the scene when Five video chats with Six. After that we learn about how someone plans to use Six as what they call “Agent Zero.” Now that’s a cliffhanger moment I want to know about.
The writing was good, though not it’s best when it comes to Four/Empire’s story. Overall, I give it a 7/10.
You can catch Dark Matter Fridays at 9/8c on SyFy.