Ballers (S03E02) "Bull Rush"

ballers - Ballers (S03E02) "Bull Rush"
Vegas Baby, Yeah! That is the feeling you get as the boys exist their high end cars! Ooohh boy, what sort of devilment will these guys get into on this trip, I wondered? Ricky, his sidekick, Spencer and the casino tycoon Wayne Hastings Jr (Steve Guttenburg) oh man, a good time is about to be had you’d think! Spencer, reacquaints himself with an old flame as he is checking in to the hotel.  Spencer is in town to convince the big shots and people of Vegas that it is a brilliant idea to bring an NFL team to ‘Sin City.” His old flame proved to be an “ASSet” in this venture. Maybe he should wife her and have kids. The topic of “fertility” was touched upon very briefly in this episode. Seems that Spencer has major concerns about his “swimmers.”
Anytime, I see Ricky Jerret, my mind instantly goes to drama and chaos. He doesn’t think things through and is extremely arrogant. So, I already knew what was coming. Turns out this guy blows a very-very large sum of cash on  just one table… Ricky wouldn’t be Ricky if he had a stable mindset. As this was happenig I couldnt help but  wonder?  Is this foreshadowing? Will NFL players and staff have this real life gambling issue once they take up residency? Something for the Oakland Raiders to consider as they depart Oakland for Vegas.
On the other-side of the sky, Charles Greane is trying to figure his new position that  he was suddenly thrown in. He seems extremely puzzled, anxious and having trust issues at this time with good reason. He did not interview well the week before. But I understand. He was thrown in front a pack of wolves (reporters) with no real information.
Meanwhile back in Miami, Jason is having a pretty tough time. He gets stood up by a potential client,  waiting in an  “inner city park.” Then adding insult to injury he gets robbed in broad daylight!
Turning the page to the “two stooges”…Vernon and Fat Reggie. When will these two clowns get it? Fat Reggie, is always up to something because he’s such a greedy & opportunistic person. He lands Vernon an endorsement deal worth about $200,000. Okay, that’s great. However…its “cannabis apparel.” You cant help but to take a deep sigh because these two just don’t get it. The NFL has policies and an image to uphold and they show blatant disregard. I love how Joe always arrives and tries to fix things that these two screw up and he always seem to fail miserably.  The chemistry between him, Vernon and Fat Reggie is great and I love it! I hope to see more interactions as time goes on. Cant wait until Sunday for the third episode.
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