Teen Wolf (S06E11) "Said the Spider to the Fly"

Source of Image: https://twitter.com/poetvhaz/status/892003237980762112
Hello my Wolf Pack! It’s finally arrived! The last 10 episodes of Teen Wolf, I can already tell from this new episode that we will be going on an emotional roller coaster ride. But hang in there, there’s always hope! Also, I have to get use to the fact that Teen Wolf now airs on a Sunday and not a week day. Odd right? Plus it airs an hour before Game of Thrones hits the TV here where I am, so I always got to watch the time. Well without further ado on to my review~
#1 What is this episode?
On the series premiere of this episode were focusing on departure and new beginnings. Scott & his friends are about to leave for college. While Liam & his friends have to adjust to becoming seniors. But it’s not all about packing, saying good bye, and making class schedules. More strange things are happening in Beacon Hills. From dead wolfs with spiders crawling out, rats, a released prisoner from Eichan House, etc. This season will have us at the edge of our seats.
#2 Who was in this episode?
Scott, Malia, Lydia, Liam, Coach (briefly), Principal Martin (briefly), Mamma McCall (briefly), Corey, Mason, Parrish, and a New Hellhound?!
#3 What did I like about this episode?
I loved that Scott became an Assistant Coach. He got his own whistle.
Liam being heartbroken that his girlfriend moved away for her & her sister’s safety.
The hellhounds fighting in the hallways. So much fire!!! Loved it!
Stiles awkwardness in class after finding out Derek is accused of mass murder. That water flew on the back of that girls neck, hilarious!
Malia trying to leave for Paris but she knows she can’t.
Stiles happy voice message to Scott about how happy he is to be going to the FBI.
#4 What didn’t I like about this episode?
The student counselor asking too much & being weird; we later find out she’s a hunter. (Not a good one in my opinion.)
The dead rat pile f flesh, organs, and fur. I was like, “EWWWW! Don’t touch it! She touched it!”
The webs in Lydia’s vision. (All I thought about was huge spiders about rain down on her.)
#5 What scene did I like the most (best scene(s) throughout the episode)?
The Hellhound fire scene in the hospital.
Lydia’s entire vision. (Although I may not Like spiders, the whole set up was amazing.)
#6 What is next to come?
I’m guessing next week they will find out what there enemy is. Or talk with Argent of why a hunter is in Beacon Hills killing Hellhounds. For at the end of this episode it was just a major preview of what’s to come through out it all. We just have to wait and see.
See you guys next Sunday 🙂