Animal Kingdom (S02E09) “Custody”

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Wow that was quite an intense episode! Custody was written by Etan Frankel. Directed by Gary Goldman. Baz is busy making power moves, while Craig and Deran trying to get theres on. Pope on the other hand is dealing with everything. J is try to find where he fits in all of it.
Say, Say Say what you want… Baz is going to pay up sooner or later…
I mean… is Baz really that stupid? Either that or he has brass cojones the size of an elephant. We can speculate that he could have been taken in around J’s age. He was in love with Smurf’s daughter and then came J… What stings is that he is not a CODY and Smurf made him remember that. (S2E7) When Smurf made that comment about family after she killed Javi,..that was meant for him.
After seeing what happened last night to Craig’s father. If I was Baz I would be running for the hills and not looking back. You just robbed your mother who took you in and gave you everything. Well, that’s how Smurf sees it anyway. Baz must be feeling some sense of entitlement.
He not only does that.  He gets J involved. That is Smurfs ‘chosen grandson’. He rates almost as high as her ‘prodigal son’ Pope. (That says so much!)
She wanted to strike back at Baz for taking HER SONS away from her and being the boss. There’s can be only one and her name is Smurf. Baz is going to feel those repercussions soon.  There is a saying: “ You don’t bite the hand that feeds you!” Baz went ‘all balls to the wall’ took her grandson J in for the job and then robbed her blind. How long do you think until she finds out what happened? I say very soon, because they showed us the preview at the end episode of the show for (S2E10). We know that Baz knows it too. He is living on borrowed time.
The Yacht Job: Nicky wants a gun.
I keep seeing Craig, Deran, Pope, J, Nicky and Manny who are involved with this job in big trouble. Did they really do their research. I mean like, real due diligence?  Where they get their money from is it legit? Are they drug cartels etc.? Do they really know what they are up against? Don’t get me wrong, I put my faith in Deran, but Nicky & Craig doing  doing any type of work like that. My lack of faith goes ever further decreases even more. If J , Pope and Baz were doing it with Deran…then I’d call this a legit job. Craig took a few pictures of the engine room? Nicky wants a gun? Does she even know how to use one? She pointed one at one of her captors when they were being held hostage. That’s not actually shooting. There’s a huge difference. Again, J showed her how to point and cock the trigger. It still not the same. Then they need a Spanish-speaking person, in on the job. The first guy they wanted was a no-go. He has kids and a job now. They then talk about bringing Marco in? A drug dealer? Or should I rephrase…cocaine dealer.  Baz is out and he wants no part of this. (I don’t blame him for several reasons.) Craig won’t get rid of Nicky. (FOOLISH MISTAKE Craig. The snake is going to bite you in the ass.)  At least for now they still have Pope, for now. I don’t see this ‘poorly planned job’ ending well.
Smurf and J : It’s complicated.
It’s hard to read Smurf sometimes. She is like a FBI profiler. She would’ve been excellent at that job. The downside is that she doesn’t support the lifestyle she wants and is accustom too. She tests J on his many identities to keep her side businesses legit. This is how she keeps the IRS from investigating her and many illegal businesses. This kid is a pro. He is hammering out names, addresses and numbers. Smurf can sense something is amiss with him though. Could it be that he was just with Baz and they cleaned out her storage unit? All her money is gone. You could sense an uneasiness with J and she was reading those signs loud and clear. The phone rings and guess who it is? The storage place. Yeah, they need her to get there right away. She excuses herself and they will continue this later. Imagine the rage if Smurf ever found out J was in on this job with Baz? Vengeance would be hers.
Pope, Amy, Smurf and the aftermath.
This week I have a new theme song for Pope. It’s by Styx “Renegade”.
“Oh mama, I can hear
Your crying you’re so
scared and all alone
Hangman is coming down
From the gallows and I don’t
Have very long”
I think the classic rock theme and Pope mesh extremely well. Pope seems to be under an overwhelming amount of pressure again this week.  You feel like he wants to open up and tell Amy what happened with Catherine. We all know he is a very guarded person. Pope still has that unpredictable side to him. I am wondering if he confides in Amy about the truth. We know what happened to the last person he loved… Will he or won’t he? They seem to be getting closer and closer, Pope and Amy. She takes a step back and he reaches in towards her.  Will Pope tell Baz what really happened because they are so close? Especially since Baz thinks that Smurf killed her and confided in Pope… The most interesting part of it all was when Pope went back home and hugged his mother tight. You never know with Pope, is this a sign of him showing his ‘love and loyalty’ or a ‘goodbye’ hug?
tnt pope hugging smurf custody s2e9 aug 2 17 - Animal Kingdom (S02E09) “Custody”
Loose Ends of “Custody”:

  • Will Deran and Craig loose Nicky on the Yacht job? They certainly need to.
  • Nicky walking into the gun store. She tells the man she wanted to buy a gun. Bad idea. She now can be identified in a crime. They have cameras there. If the Yacht job goes south (and it will) she’ll be an accessory after the fact.”. Stupid little girl who should be watched more carefully.
  • Is Pope going to come clean to Amy about Catherine? (MAYBE)
  • Will Pope protect Smurf from Baz? (MAYBE)
  • Is Baz going to pay for robbing Smurf? (YES)
  • Will J be implicated? (Good question?)
  • Is it a good idea to get Marco involved? (NO)

Thank you for reading! Until next week. I hope you enjoyed my blog.
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