Hannah Ferrier Interview

I was lucky enough to be able to interview the star of Bravo’s Below Deck Med, which airs on Bravo on Tuesday nights at 9pm.  The bubbly and vivacious Chief Stew had a lot to say.
1.How did you get involved in yachting? 
I went to Europe with my mum on holidays and fell in love with the South of France. When I got home I missed it so much so I put in google ‘what can I do speaking English in South of France’ and yachting came up! Three months later I had packed up my life and jumped on a plane and as they say…the rest is history!!
2.What drew you to this job?
The locations and opportunity to travel the world!
3.How did you get started?
My first season was absolutely crazy!! I got fired because the boss’s wife wanted a brunette not a blonde, I got adult chicken pox, my boat caught fire and while fighting it I fell down the stairs and tore 2 ligaments in my foot after which I got fired because the boat was unusable and the captain left me on my own on crutches on an island off Italy!! Everyone was so surprised to see me back for another season after that!! As hard as it was I knew I hadn’t got what I came for – now I’m so grateful I persevered.
4.What made you want to be on reality tv?
Honestly – it wasn’t really like that!! I had quit my boat in America and decided to have the rest of Summer off and travel Europe with my girlfriends and basically just applied one night after a few too many roses!
5.How did you join the cast of Below Deck Med?
I heard Bravo was looking for yachting talent for the Mediterranean and had a laugh with my friends about, but then thought why the hell not and said count me in! I got an email about a month later when it was well and truly out my mind, and it all came together from there.
6.Did you want to be on reality tv?
I never had any desire to be on television.
7.What keeps you coming back?
I think it’s a once in a life time experience. It forces you to look at yourself and sometimes what you see is something you want to change!! I also really enjoy the interaction with the people who watch the show – especially when people are going through a hard time and tell me the show brings them a few laughs a week…that alone makes it all worth it!
8.What’s the best place you’ve gone?
I get asked this question a lot and I honestly can’t answer. It depends what you’re doing!! It’s different for family, friends, boyfriend etc!! I go to Tasmania every year with my dad and step mum and I love it down there. I go to Thailand with my best friend every year and that is so relaxing and amazing! And I have been single for years now so I don’t remember where to go with a boyfriend
9.Who’s your favorite crew?
I absolutely love Julia and Tiffany from season 1! I have a bond with those girls that will never be broken. They are really different people but both those girls have a piece of my heart and are stuck with me for life!!
10.Who would you fire if you were captain?
Well that’s a loaded question!! It’s hard for me because obviously there are personal likes and dislikes. I say I would fire Danny from season 1!
11.Why do you think Bugsy went after you like she did?
I think Bugs really needed to be in a Chief Stew position and she did not like working under me. I also think she should have put her head down and done the second stew position that she signed up for.
12.Do you think Malia and Adam had a plan to get a spinoff?
I don’t think so – they are too new to reality TV to be that manipulative!!
13.What’s the craziest thing a charter guest asked you to get?
Sweets from Cannes…we were in Sardinia, Italy!
14.What’s one thing you want people to know about you?
I think the biggest misconception about me is that what you see on TV is me 100%. People need to understand I am in a management position and it is a very male dominated industry – I can’t be sweet and nice to everyone…I simply don’t have time and it’s not in my nature! People get shocked when they meet me as I’m actually quite a warm friendly person!!
15.What do you want to do after reality tv?
I would absolutely love to do hosting – ideally for a travel show! That’s my big dream!
16.Is there a misconception about you you’d like to clear up?
People seem to think if I flirt with someone I automatically want to jump into bed with them!! I’m naturally quite a flirty person but I don’t sleep around – to me they are two very different things!!
17.Who’s the most famous guest you’ve ever worked for?
Mums the word!! In this industry discretion is everything!
18.Is there anything you’d like the fans to know about this season?
It was such a full on season. Comparing the two seasons it’s like apples and oranges!