Midnight, Texas (S01E02) "Bad Moon Rising"

The episode opens with Manfred and Creek running from…something. We don’t see what it is, but we hear it and see that it has slashed Manfred’s side with a serious set of claws. Claws strong enough to also slash the roof of Manfred’s RV. We don’t see what kind of creature it is, but since the episode’s title is the rather uninspired ‘Bad Moon Rising,’ we can probably make a guess. Clearly, subtlety is not going to be this show’s strong point.
Jump back a day. Some of the town’s residents are having a meeting to discuss the Bobo problem. They are interrupted by Manfred, who tells them his house is infested with ghosties and ghoulies and long-legged beasties (not those exact words) and needs help getting rid of them. Fiji and Joe offer to help. A witch and an angel. That should be interesting.
Bobo is talking to the sheriff and the deputy, insisting that he’s innocent. The deputy has an idea to loosen his tongue. They put him in a cell with three of the Sons of Lucifer, who try and epically fail to beat the crap out of him. (On a side note, what are the odds that the Sons of Lucifer are, in fact, actual demons?) Bobo takes all three of them out without much difficulty. Interesting. Hear that sound, folks? That’s the sound of a plot thickening.
Manfred, Joe, and Fiji are back at his house, where the air is so cold, they can see their breath. Among other, more malignant visitors, Aubrey is there. She borrows his body, as he calls it, and is able to show him bits of what happened to her when she was murdered. He sees woods and riverbed and a guy in a metallic skull mask before he starts to drown.
When he opens his eyes, he’s at Fiji’s place, which has been spelled to be inhospitable to the dead. He appreciates the quiet. She convinces him to tell the sheriff what he saw and tells him she’ll take care of the uninvited guests at his house. Fiji’s like a supernatural Orkin man.
Joe and Manfred see the sheriff and Manfred tells him what he saw. The sheriff is skeptical, not surprisingly, but is persuaded to continue investigating. He then tells the deputy that she’s suspended for her actions. I would have pegged the deputy to take Midnight’s side before the sheriff, but it looks like I would have been wrong. Score one for the show.
Fiji is getting ready to exorcise Manfred’s house, which currently looks like it’s occupied by the smoke monster from ‘Lost’ and all its extended smoky family.
The suspended deputy is doing a little investigating on her own. But she doesn’t have a chance to learn a lot, because she finds herself in the basement with the Rev, who is a weretiger, (because why should werewolves get all the good roles?). The next time we see her, the Rev has put her in his werepantry, which is a branch of a tree. Manfred sees her and runs to alert people that something is out there, before he and Creek are chased by it. They run into Lemuel and Olivia, who are also after the Rev. She loads up one of her many guns (really, she has a lot, even by Texas standards) with silver bullets.
While all this is going on, Fiji is exorcizing Manfred’s house. She tells him it’s done, but he asks why there is weird, black goo dripping from one of her magic tools. The Thing Under The Floor is still there, and it starts to say Fiji’s name. It says it wants her, and promptly expels Manfred from the house and slams the door. It pins her against the wall and her skirt starts to lift. In a mirror, Manfred can see a creepy, demonic hand lifting it. He runs and gets the skull of a several times great grandmother, who it seems was very powerful. He uses it to defeat the demon, destroying the skull in the process. Her smashes the mirror.
Manfred, Fiji, Lem, and Olivia are hunting for the Rev. They find him, and Lem is able to wrestle him to the ground and subdue him. As the sun comes up, he changes back. I have to say the transformation is cool. He changes to human shape, and then a (presumably magic) breeze blows the fur away.
The sheriff is releasing Bobo. It seems they found a Sons of Lucifer jacket downstream with a lock of Aubrey’s hair.
Fiji is home. She has a cabinet of little jars with…locks of hair? Yeah, pretty sure that’s not going to be a coincidence. Or is that just too obvious? But enough about that, the Thing Under The Floor (to be known henceforth as TUTF) has followed her home. Like a stray puppy, but really not at all like a stray puppy.
The sheriff gets into his car and turns on the ignition. The car explodes, courtesy of the Sons of Lucifer, as revenge for releasing Bobo.
Joe and Chuy are standing in front of a very large and very grim painting with lots of tortured souls and demons and fire and you get the general idea. It seems that there’s a prophecy of some kind (because of course there is) and Manfred is going to be key in fulfilling that prophecy.
Other Things:
– What kind of ring was the sheriff wearing?
– Manfred tells Bobo that Aubrey’s husband wanted her to get to know Bobo, but her feeling for him were real. Why is he of interest to the Sons of Lucifer? Did I miss something?
– The deputy was on suspension when she entered the basement. That technically qualifies as breaking and entering, am I right?
“It’s Midnight. You don’t need to pretend you’re normal. Let your freak flag fly.”
“That thing under the floor, it’s worrisome.”
“You’re born a were, dimwit.”