Preacher (S02E07) "Pig"

Back story time. We are transported into the world that is Herr Starr, (Pip Torrens) and get to see some of his roots. He is unapologetic and vicious, exactly the type of person “The Grail” needs at their forefront. The world of Preacher is expansive and the creators and writers have done an incredible job bringing us into this darkened world.

While Herr is dealing with a flying pig over in Vietnam, Jesse (Dominic Cooper) is at an impasse, having searched the last jazz bar in New Orleans, still no god. It has been a tedious and tiring journey, they need to let loose and have some fun. What better way than to mess with some of the locals at the “Hurt Locker”, where they shoot each other for money. Even with the enjoyment of the evening, Tulip (Ruth Negga) cannot seem to shake the dark cloud that has been following her since her confrontation with The Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish). It dampers the evening and Jesse takes her home, leaving Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) alone with Denis (Ronald Guttman).

The language barrier between Cassidy and Denis is finally broken, when a very drunk professor steps in to translate. No only has Denis been harbouring ill feelings towards his father for an unmentioned number of years, but he is also dying a slow and agonizing death. There is only one way for Cassidy to get back into his son’s good graces, and that is to give him the gift of immortality. Which is promptly shot down, until Cassidy see’s first hand just how much suffering others go through when the death of a loved one is involved. Denis just may get his wish yet.

Tulip has been plagued with nightmares, all involving the Saint of Killers. They are vivid and bring a tense atmosphere to the show. The fear she is experiencing translates well in the storytelling, it isn’t easy to do, but they have warped it in such a way where it just works. Even though these are just in her head, you can’t help but wonder when that killer cowboy will crop up again. It’s only a matter of time.

Jesse seeks vigil in the company of a doomsday preacher (John Ales), who has been spouting out warnings about the end of days. It proves to be an insightful and enlightening conversation. The signs are all around them, it’s inevitable. The business of souls is just one of the many paths to the end. Something has changed in Jesse since his small sacrifice, he doesn’t feel the impending doom, it’s almost as though he feels nothing. I am sure he will continue to unravel as the days go by.

Herr Starr has a particular set of skills, he is tasked with taking care of false prophets and putting them in their place. The flying pig fiasco has people questioning, and worshipping something miraculous, which is a threat to “The Grail”. We become attuned to the extreme measures that Herr will go through to keep the threat to a minimal. A whole village wiped out, his doing, although the news reports claim it to be something in the water. Deny, deny, deny.

We are halfway through the season, which means anything can happen now. And when Herr is called out to deal with a threatening situation in New Orleans, we know that Jesse has no time to rest easy, a battle is coming his way.

Rating: 7/10

Preacher airs on AMC, Mondays at 7/9c