The Bold Type (S01E05) "No Feminism in the Champagne Room"


I feel like this whole episode was a one big emotional ride. Not only for the Scarlet readers taking part in #ScarletRides event, but for us, viewers! There’s a lot going on with The Bold Type girls so let’s discuss it now!
Jane is being sued for her article about a woman that abandoned her career to become a stripper. At first it seems so unfair, I mean, she didn’t do anything to her, quite the opposite – she introduced her as a feminism hero. Yes she got a little judgmental but the article didn’t reflect that. She just got carried away during the meeting for settlement but happily, it didn’t completely cross out the odd to settle. Jane almost didn’t land in the court after this incident but she was brave enough and had a lot of strength to come to this woman again and simply say sorry about what happened after this article get posted on Scarlet magazine. Jane truly felt guilty about ruining this woman’s son life even if it was just getting expelled from school – she felt really bad and she did her best although she wasn’t supposed to contact with her according to the law procedure. I think Jane’s has a great career ahead of her, she’s so ready to be a journalist, she has some good instincts. Also the scenes between Jane and her boss has showed again how supportive Jacqueline is to her employees and that she perfectly knows whether to act completely professional or be close with someone just to help him being at his position and deal with some issues. Jacqueline words about failure really got into me. Like, we should remember we all gonna fail sometimes. But that’s okay. Right after that we are gonna go and we’re gonna be amazing. And that my dear is worth to remember. Don’t ever let someone to lift you like these guys lifted Jane lol! Am I the only one who thought they are gonna put her on the rise next to the tube? Haha
Let’s skip to the Sutton figure now. Well, I can’t go out with admiration of her strength. She rewarded herself with a new pair of shoes because she totally deserved it, she stand for herself in the latest episode and yeap! She did exactly the same in this one! That girl is impossible! She goes straight after what she wants and I like it, she could be a role model for all of us and a great example of how to fight for what scares us in our life. If you ask me, she totally deserved to get this higher salary and I hope that Oliver will realize that soon and give it to her. It has to be hard watching yourself being replaced at the old position and not being able to keep up if taking the new one. I’m so glad she didn’t give back her kickass shoes, they were dreamlike! And I’m glad she had listened to the girls and told Oliver that if he won’t meet her on most of those conditions she’s gonna pass. That’s my girl! This scene was so amazing, I literally started to scream ‘Go, Sutton! This is your power pose! You’ve perfected it!’. She spoke up for what she wanted, discussed the office expenses, she made clear she had a lot of perks not one as Oliver thought at the start haha and she got them all! Now, not only she has a dream job but a phenomenal pair of shoes too! And don’t forget her secret boyfriend Richard, he’s such a cookie. I’m so happy for you, Sutton. You really are gonna be indispensable.
And there is our Kat. When I saw her waking up at Adena’s apartment I thought ‘woow, that was fast!’. Then we found out they didn’t actually sleep with each other which is fine I think taking into consideration all that happened during the episode. I kinda was a fan of #Kadena relationship from the beginning but now I feel a little confused. I smelled trouble the moment Adena told Kat that she has to break up with Coco. I should have felt released in that moment but I kinda knew there will be something going on with these two and it won’t be that ‘lived happily ever after’ kind of relation yet. I knew Adena will have second thoughts and this break up of hers won’t be simple. It’s kinda understandable, I mean, break ups are never easy, especially after 3 years. But if she was so confident to kiss another girl and sleep next to her she should have been ready to close the chapter. Cuz that’s just not fair for her girlfriend, she didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. Noone did.
I felt bad for Kat when Adena called to say she didn’t break up with Coco yet. I understand Kat’s reaction, sending a message, she was insecure and wanted to back away. This whole situation was new to her and even that she was a little harsh I don’t criticize her for that. But also I can’t criticize Adena for taking Kat’s word and leaving without a fight, then trying to make right relations with her girlfriend. She was basically told to do that so she did. It was sad that when Kat realized what she truly wanted and basically run to Adena’s house, it was to late. It was such a brave move, all these scene when she gave everything of herself at stationary bike at Scarlet – she nearly cried and laughed and screamed at once. That was something. When she burst into Adena’s apartment I was like ‘omg omg it’s happening, yes, yes!’ , when Adena told her to go on I was so hopeful but.. well.. it really was too late. But I’m sure it’s not the end of things between these two and I truly hope Adena won’t go with Coco to Paris after all. Will see! I hope we will see their date again, it was a romantic moment if only Coco wasn’t desperately calling All. The. Time. >_<
Let’s give a little space for girls’ scenes together, especially the one when Kat told her friends that she kissed a girl, and they repeated after themself ‘and you liked it’. It was sooo greeeeaaat, I mean, it was so fun and positive at once. I love the way they are happy for each other’s achievements and that they celebrate in this closet full of things every woman would like to have in hers. They are supportive, they are totally a best friends material! And to confirm that fact they were fighting in this episode too – and that’s what real best friends sometimes do. But only for their good, from a good reasons. They were trying to help each other, that’s all. And everything finally worked out. It was kinda heart -breakable watching them fighting but I knew they will figure this all out cuz they’re mature and they are The. Bold. Type.
This show is really empowering woman on so many levels. Here is why:

Close your eyes. Embrace this moment. Set your intention. You are here for a reason. Now open your eyes. Your journey toward your best starts now. Turn up that resistance. It’s time to task what you’re capable of. The journey is as important as the destination. So embrace the climb. Find your inner strength. Whatever that obstacle is – you need to push through it. You’re stronger than you think. You are here for a reason. Now stand up for what you want! You cannot change unless you’re toward to what’s right in front of you. Can you feel yourself growing? You are almost there!
It doesn’t matter what you start, what matters is how you choose to finish.
If you can do this, you can do anything. This is your ride. This is your life.

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