Comrade Detective premieres


Is an old Romanian cop show, produced during the height of the Cold War as pro-communist propaganda.
The show kicks off with the murder of Gregor’s cop partner Nikita by a man disguised as the US president. The Captain at Bucharest Police Department assigns Gregor a new partner, Detective Iosef Baciu, and the two set off in search of their colleague’s killer. They burst into the US embassy, kick down doors, interrogate suspects and drink a lot of vodkas – all while railing against the decadent and corrupt West.
This is all fake.Nothing about this series is “true”. This series is a kind of pastiche, a satire, a whodunnit detective show with a dryly witty script. It’s a six-part series shot and performed entirely in Romanian and then dubbed over, ridiculously, with English.
All episodes available on Amazon Prime.