The Mist (S01E07) "Over the River and Through the Woods"

This episode it had its moments but overall was really good! We finally got an answer towards fake Bryan’s real name in this episode which I was happy about that, but I’ll get more to that in a little bit. This episode like how I said did have its moments of being good and I’m thinking my theory upon last review might actually be right. The theory to remind my readers was that when people are in the mist they are able to see what their mind wants them to see or at least thats what they want us to believe but after tonights episode I think it might be true.
So, we got fake Bryan Hunt’s name; Mia (Danica Curcic) told him that his name is Jonah Dixon (Okezie Morro). But Jonah has to quickly tell Mia he doesn’t remember anything about his past which is understandable. After the flash backs we got of Jonah’s past we can kind of put together that Jonah was being shock therapy’d for something. Wither it was a experiment that Arrowhead was doing, or perhaps a therapist who wanted to do some kind of experiment on his or her patients. I’m sure we will get more to the mystery of Jonah Dixon’s past, but for now we have to wait and speculate what these flash backs mean.
At the church there was a battle of whose faith is real and whose faith isn’t, we pretty much got a run down with who believes who in faith. But it had to be revealed to the others, Father Romanov (Dan Butler) made a proposal that I’m sure he was hoping Nathalie (Frances Conroy) would pass up on and just admit that she was wrong. But no, instead the two faith dwellers agreed to an old style of whose faith is real and whose faith is not by both going out into the Mist together and see who gets taken. Nathalie chose to go full on nudity and Father Romanov went with the velvet-y red either Christian or Catholic robes. When the two of them went out into the mist we got the chance to see what Father Romanov envisions what lies in the mist which yes I’m sure we all could’ve guessed it would be the four horsemen of the apocalypse. I have to say though the visuals they did on Death of the four horsemen and of War were both very impressive.
At the Mall there is major feuds starting to happen, seeing that Shelly (Alexandra Ordolis) is trying to start things to make people more paranoid about why the mist is here. It seems that Shelly is just becoming this character that really wants to target Eve (Alyssa Sutherland) and Alex (Gus Birney). But even with this feud going upon Gus (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) works on keeping the peace within the mall even with the food supply running low he still works on keeping everyone calm. But how long until chaos and destruction takes upon the mall and everyone tries ripping each other apart? You never know it could happen. All I do know is this Shelly, yes shes a grieving mother but she has no right to take her anger out upon Alex just because it didn’t want her and it wanted Shelly’s innocent daughter doesn’t mean they should be blaming Alex. But the thing they should be blaming is the mist, but people are just crazy meant to do crazy things like blame others for no reason.
At the hospital in the psych ward; Kevin (Morgan Spector) still feeling drugged goes to take a nap on the lobbies couch. Adrian (Russell Posner) and Tyler (Christhopher Gray) choose to sleep in one of the patients rooms with the beds fully made. Mia (Danica Curcic) goes through another withdrawal needing Jonah’s help with getting over the affects. Mia being strapped down on a bed goes through the crazy moments as Jonah gets affected by a flash  back of his past being electroshocked with a woman saying phrases to him after each shock. When Tyler awakes Adrian is missing; worried something bad had happened Tyler wakes up Kevin telling him Adrian is missing. When the two of them are confronted by Nash (Philip Ettinger) the last orderly of the psych ward tells Kevin and Tyler they wont find Adrian cause he is evil and must be rid of the evil. When the two chase after Nash they find Adrian tied up and about to die. Kevin then tells Nash he is the evil one and Adrian is the innocent one. When Kevin trades himself for Adrian; Adrian and Tyler watch as Kevin beats Nash to his death with a final touch of his head being bashed in by the bed post. Who knew that a bed post could be so deadly!
Kevin then gets Mia and Jonah and comes back for Adrian to get out of the hospital to get to the mall for Kevin’s family. Tyler chooses to stay behind as the others walk away Tyler weeps; which makes me think that hes hiding something.
In the end Kyle the security guard (Romaine Waite) asks Gus (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) what the plan is but reveals that theres no plan but to take each day as it comes along. Not taking that as an answer Shelly rises up again with a theory of her own thinking that the mist is there because of Alex lying about her allegations of the rape and that its here to punish everyone around her. But we all know that theory is a lie, or do we?
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