Killjoys (S03E06) "Necropolis Now"

Working out your problems with alcohol would be so much easier if your metabolism wasn’t so high, which is the problem Dutch was having as she tried to drown her sorrows in drink as they headed to a funeral for their fallen comrades. Dutch is feeling guilty for killing Banyan and D’avin offers his shoulder for her to cry on but instead of crying Dutch kisses him. D’av is surprised by the kiss and suddenly it becomes awkward. She tries to avoid D’avin for most of the funeral but getting stage fright he steps in to give a eulogy she couldn’t give. Most of the Nine attend the funeral including Pawter’s sister Louella who also gives Johnny the cold shoulder. Alvis gives everyone a seed like some holy eucharist then he’s asked by a member of the Nine for tolerance which he refuses. Weird. Dutch and D’avin try unsuccessfully to enlist the Nine in helping to fund their army against the Hullen but the Nine refuse. Meanwhile with the Hullen Delle Seyah is enjoying being Aneela’s companion. Aneela seems strangely more human than her Hullen lackeys. Dutch and D’avin get stuck in a broken down elevator (as if things weren’t awkward enough) and a member of the Nine is murdered. Someone on board is a murderer.
Louella and Johnny try to fix the elevator as Dutch tries to figure out who or what is killing the Nine in the elevator. Zeph helps out through radio and Dutch makes a horrific discovery: bugs. Well a robotic bug that is supposed to be used for agricultural purposes but was ingested by everyone at the funeral through the seeds. Aneela goes to her lab and performs some experiments. Turns out there’s a conspiracy against her where the Hullen are using her for information. She’s not their Leader but their prisoner. They decide to replace Aneela with Delle Seyah. They trap Aneela in a dream sequence with her father while they take Delle Seyah to another ship. Dutch, Alvis and D’avin are in trouble as Johnny struggles to fix the elevator. After doing a quick search about the bugs and their manufacturer he discovers that Pawter’s mother created them. Louella reveals herself as the murderer. She wants revenge for her family and is using her prayer beads to activate the robotic bugs.
Aneela is happy in the dream with her father until she is awoken by her servant girl Brynn who defies the other Hullen to free her. Brynn tells Aneela that they had taken Delle Seyah and Aneela goes postal looking for her lover. She kills all the Hullen on the ship with her psychic powers but doesn’t find Delle Seyah anywhere. Dutch and D’avin manage to escape death by getting the elevator out of range from Louella’s radio signal. They’re saved but Johnny’s stomach is still being turned to mush. He finds Louella and challenges her to watch as he dies by her hand. Because Pawter loved him and Louella isn’t the murdering type she turns off her killer bugs. Dutch meets with one of the Nine in the Royale and reveals that she knows why the Nine were asking the Scarbacks for tolerance. The Nine were going to abandon them all before the Hullen reached them and wanted a clear conscience. Dutch scares the Nine into funding their war against the Hullen hoard. D’avin finally manages to get Dutch to agree to sit down and talk about their kiss but Zeph comes running telling Dutch what she found in Khlyen’s secret box: brains. Someone’s memories were hidden in there and Dutch is eager to find out more leaving poor D’avin to drink alone. We find Delle Seyah in some tube… pregnant! She has a swollen womb and hooked up to a machine with the green plasma running through her. This keeps getting weirder!
A+! It felt like a filler episode a little but still an all around good episode. The more we find out about Aneela and her psychosis and her relationship with the Hullen the more curious I am and want to watch more. Aneela seems to be more like Dutch in most ways where they are both emotionally dysfunctional.