Kidnap Review

img 8986 - Kidnap ReviewKidnap is a 2017 movie staring Halle Berry originality supposed to be release in 2016 but the studio who was  distributing the film went  bankrupt so the movie had to find a new distributor before being release in theaters. Now I do admit I was little concern for this movie movie still getting released in theaters mainly because I have heard this  movie end up online before it being released so I hope me going to see this movie helps this film out at the box office for it tough competition that it will have this week.
The basic plot for the film is about single mother played by Halle Berry working as a  waitress trying to provide for her son while also dealing with a  custody battle with her ex husband. One day after work she take her son to a park and while  arguing over the phone she loses sight of her son only to locate him just as he is being taken.From here on the film becomes one big car chase film about her trying to get her son back safely while trying not to lose sight of the people who took him.
Kidnap is a  very straight forward film from beginning to end. The film dose not offer anything  new to the genre that has not been done before. There are certain parts in this movie were you can tell Halle Berry overreacting during certain scenes but you  probably will  look past it because it dose not get too ridiculous to take you out of what going on in the film.
With that that in mind is Kidnap a good film well in my mind it’s a ok movie in no means dose it stack up against films like Man on Fire,Taken,The Man From Nowhere, or even Ransom but film is still very enjoyable for Halle Berry performance.
If your looking for tension filled kidnaping film look somewhere else but if your looking for a enjoyable predictable kidnaping film with a straight forward plot and a very predictable ending then you might enjoy Kidnap.
3 out of 5 stars