Wynonna Earp (S02E09) "Forever Mine Nevermind"

Every time we think a Wynonna Earp epsiode can’t top the one before it does. This weeks was no exception. If I have learned anything from watching Wynonna Erap this season is that  expecting the unexpected is about the only constant in a show that gets better with every epsiode.
Forever Mine Nevermind proved to be one of the best episodes yet.  So let’s start at the beginning.
We open with Wynonna and Dolls teaching Waverly some fighting skills,  It was awesome watching a pregnant Wynonna still getting it done and is there anything Waverly can’t do. Just the kind of bonding you would expect from the Earp sisters.
Meanwhile Doc is just trying to find a place to have a quiet drink and it isn’t his bar, so he wanders into this bar and the bartender ask if his ring is for sale, well it most certainly is not, no problem says the bartender but I do have this lovely picture for sale.
Doc is taken by the picture of a child holding a doll sitting in field, sold wrap it up Doc says, I will be back for it. As Doc leaves we see the bartender is not really a bartender but a demon with a tail and red eyes, where could he be from?
In the meantime Nicole finds a charred body and the team heads out to see . The medical I’d bracelet says it is Tucker, well no loss there if you ask me, but Dolls being Dolls knows they need to find out what happened.
In the meantime Wynonna has got to find a way to get Doc to give up the ring so she can break the seal and get rid of the curse once and for all. It is not going to be easy so Wynonna pulls out all the stops and ask Doc over for dinner. That would be a fine idea except for the fact that Wynonna can’t cook, still she tries. Doc is almost speechless when Wynonna asked for the ring and Wynonna is a little hurt and a whole lot of angry that he  does not want to give it up. It is what makes him immortal, Doc without that ring is just one of them. Wynonna also tells Doc he is being selfish because without that ring Wynonna cannot kill Sheriff Clootie and end the Earp curse.  Watching Tim Rozon and Melanie Scrofano in scenes together just get better and better each week.  They both bring out the best and worst in their charcter’s while never making them seem cartoonish. They make these characters so believable with good intentions and flaws, they are just really two people trying to figure out what they want out of each other. The fact one is a immortal and one is a demon hunting pregnant woman is just the icing on the cake.  If you aren’t convinced after this epsiode these two should be together then well, I just don’t know what to tell you. Doc finally realizes Wynonna is right and decides to give her the ring, but not before a very ,very , did I say very , creepy doll tries to take the ring. It seems the doll me from picture and while Doc and Wynonna were arguing she was getting closer and closer to them, but then Wynonna takes out her peacemaker and puts an end to the doll. The ring goes flying and Doc bends down to get the ring, and then in what was one of the best moments and one that came out of nowhere he puts the ring on Wynonna’s finger while on bended knee, so much left unsaid but then so much said in that scene. As I said before that has to be one of the most romantic scenes without being romantic.
Meanwhile Dolls and Jermey have figured out who the widows are, can I say here again I just love how smart these charcters are, thank you Wynonna Earp again for not dumbing down these charcters for the sake of the plot. I love the Dolls and Jermey relationship . I love the way Dolls has come out and been allowed to show emotion, humor and empathy. Shamier Anderson and Varun Saranga really bring this relationship out. For some reason I am beginning to think of Batman and Robin when I see them together. Shamier Anderson has really brought the character Dolls out, he isn’t one dimensional anymore and let’s us see the more human side of Dolls. Dolls giving Rosita a spa day gift card to thank her was so awkwardly funny.  Back to Dolls and Jermey and the widows. Dolls stumbles into the basement to find the real Merceedes faceless but still alive, he tells her he will get her out of there but then the Widow shows up. Just as it looks like the widow has Dolls cornered in comes Jeremy to help, I just knew he would. However the widow gets away and Jermey well he passes out, it seems his concoction to protect them from the widow icy breath is not quite perfected,
Remember the spa gift card Dolls gave Rosita well Rosita decided to treat Waverly to a spa day. Which was a good thing for Waverly since she was still mad at Nicole and being just a tad bit passive aggressive. We got to see Rosita in a whole new light, she is very smart and nice, a little bubbly and a hot tub and the next thing you know the two kiss.  As soon as it happened though thy both knew it was wrong, emotions just got the better of them for just a minute. Rosita was kind enough and smart enough to remove herself from the hot tub. After sitting there  for a minute Waverly went to apologize to Rosita only to find Tucker over her dead body. Man we thought Tucker was dead, but no severely frost bitten and creepier than ever he was alive. Tucker is going to take Waverly away and as they are walking out Rosita comes up behind and hits Tucker. He is stunned and runs out into the woods presumably to get become even more frost bitten. Waverly is glad Rosita is alive but a bit confused, how is this possible. Well it’s hard to kill a revenant. Yes Rosita is a revenant, but a good revenant , that certainly was a head turner.  Later on Waverly admits to Rosita that she may be half revenant herself. It’s the first time she says it out loud to anyone. Rosita then tells Waverly to go make up with Nicole. Off our Waverly goes.
Tucker in the mean time runs into one of the widows and she is not happy about Tucker’s betrayal and starts to eat him, I can’t imagine a frost bitten creepy Tucker would even taste that good, but then again if I had been in a box for a 150 years who knows.
The other widow is out in the woods asking for help and conjuring up a spell. It was a chilling spell and one that says she isn’t messing around anymore. This is just not good for anyone.
Nicole is at home when the doorbell rings she knows it’s Waverly and she opens the door with a bit of happy anticipation only to find Widow Merceedes standing there, the happiness turns to absolute fear. And just like that we end the epsiode.
I can’t wait to see where this goes. What will Waverly do to save Nicole my guess is anything, I think Wynonna will not be able to keep her promise to Doc to not break the seal until after the baby is born. So many questions and so much to look forward to.
Until next week