Ballers (S03E03) "In the Teeth"

ballers s3 - Ballers (S03E03) "In the Teeth"
Oh Boy, things just keep getting better and better for our old pal Spencer Strasmore. In this episode there is a feeling that there is some progress here.  Spencer is dying to bring a team to Vegas. Everything is looking great at first sight. The people of Vegas are now interested in this idea. However, Spencer seems to forget about the higher ups in the NFL. I sense STRONG resistance to this idea…BUT, this is Ballers people! So, lets fear NOT! Even Spencer’s old football buddies are backing off of him in fear of the all mighty NFL hammer coming down on them…We shall stay tuned…
Meanwhile Joe, is desperately “trying’ to convince Vernon and Fat Reggie to steer clear and remain “Drug free.” Joe, is so easily swayed by Reggie. What was suppose to happen is; Joe, is to convince the guys to shy away from the whole investing in Cannabis and Cannabis apparel idea. How Joe, ended up at the cannabis farm to “check out the facilities and eat samples of edibles” is beyond me (wink).  The next thing you know Joe is hot-boxing in a Rolls Royce with Fat Reggie playing Styles P, is pure comedy!  I absolutely LOVE this interaction between these two guys! I cant stress that enough!
And my least favorite, Mr. Ricky… It doesn’t seem like he’s taking this whole baby situation very seriously.  He is to meet Amber at the first prenatal appointment, he’s late upon arrival, gets pissed off when he see that she brought a “guy friend” for support and totally blows her off when she sees him. So, after many attempts to contact him she finally climbs over the wall to his palace and confronts him. He greats her in his most obnoxious manner and then celebrates with a “I’m not your baby Daddy dance.” I think he needs to humble himself right now. Like, seriously.
Meanwhile back at the ranch,  Mr. Greane is having his own troubles dealing with a shady ass GM…Agent Jason, has his own problems with free agent Kisan, which has proven to be quite the handful with all of his legal problems. Dealing with a narcotics charge? May be tough finding the perfect NFL home for this player. So,  lets see what else is in store for us in the next episode.
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