The Real Housewives of Orange County (S12E05) "Moving In, Moving On"

The ladies from the OC were back last night in another lackluster episode.  I have to say, the Vicki’s a demon and responsible for all our problems line is getting old.  If Shannon doesn’t stop blaming Vicki for everything wrong in her life, she’s going to be miserable for the rest of her days.  If you can’t acknowledge your problems, they never get resolved.  And lets face it, I think most of us are over the Vicki is satan plot at this point.  We get it.  She’s either evil for participating with the Brooks Cancer Scam, or the dumbest blonde on the planet.  Can we please move on and get new storylines already?
I swear, for someone who doesn’t want people to know they gained weight, it’s every other word out of Shannon’s mouth.  The other words are Vicki did this to me, Vicki did that.  I find it funny Shannon’s obsession with Vicki while Vicki has hardly said her name unless in group settings so far this season.
The 3 witches of Eastwick, I mean Shannon, Megan, and Tamra, met up for lunch and immediately the topic of Shannon’s weight gain came up.  Shannon blamed, guess who, because of her spreading the rumors of David beating and cheating on her, which, when police reports are involved, don’t they stop being rumors at that point?  She keeps mentioning gaining 40 pounds, but honey, if you were 142 last year and 174 this year, that’s 30 pounds at most.  Quit rounding up to try to gain the sympathy vote!  It just makes you sound pathetic.  Get over it, we’ve all gained weight, and some of us have a hard time ever loosing it.  Either do something about it, or shut up because I’m tired of hearing about it.  You’re not the first person in the world to gain a shit ton of weight, sorry.
Peggy has a big event with Lamborghini to introduce the model she helped design.  Which by the way was an ugly tacky bright canary yellow color.  If I’d had a chance like that, I would’ve picked a different color, sorry.  Yellow’s just begging cops to pull you over.  She called Shannon to invite her, who apologizes for her behavior at the Quiet Woman (a first) and (shocker) immediately starts blaming Vicki again for her actions.  Peggy tells her she doesn’t need to apologize, and that she doesn’t want to hear anything negative about Vicki, who’s her friend at this point.  So far I have mixed feelings about Peggy.  I’m really loving her sophistication compared to the other women, but think she should’ve been cast on RHOBH.  She seems to have a lot of connection to them already.  I know the rumor’s floating around about her being homophobic, but when more info came out about her brother’s shady dealings, I’m hoping that sheds more light on the situation.  So far she’s a good replacement for Heather, wealthy, quiet, but doesn’t take shit even though her English is hard to translate sometimes.  The jury’s still out on Peggy right now.
We catch up with Kelly and her mom who’s delightful to watch and I hope we see more of her this season.  Kelly’s worried that her mom’s becoming a hermit (which, btw, what’s wrong with that?) and wants her to get involved in the community more.  They banter back and forth the whole time they’re at the senior center, and I’m just laughing my ass off the whole time.
We finally see Vicki moving into her new office, with Michael (who’s now vp of her business, nepotism really is a great thing) and they have an awkward talk about him using birth control and not wanting babies.  Vicki tells him if he marries his girlfriend, they’re getting every kind of nup there is, which I don’t blame her for.  She doesn’t want her hard work going to some bimbo just out for the money, especially after what happened when she and Don divorced.  (Even though she cheated on him and left him for Brooks).
Kelly comes up with a plan to get back into Shannon’s good graces, but wants to talk with Tamra about it first, saying she’s the new puppet master (I guess now that Heather’s gone).  She calls Tamra to set up a lunch date, which Tamra, like the good little rat she is, scurries off to tell Shannon about the second she gets off the phone with Kelly.  No guessing who she’s playing at being loyal to this time.
They meet for coffee and Kelly starts the apology tour.  They both do the fake OC I’m sorry if I offended you bs and say lets start over, blah blah blah.  We all know how long that’ll last.  Kelly seems to really want to get back in with Shannon and Tamra, why, I’ll never know.
They end the show at Peggy’s Lamborghini event.  It goes rather smoothly until Megan and Vicki are in the same area and Megan starts in on Vicki.  Vicki apologized yet again and Megan called her out on it.  Peggy had enough and told Megan to #zipthelip which was the best line of the night.
So let me know what you think of this episode?  Is this season interesting yet?  Or nah?  Let me know.