Ballers (S03E01) "Seeds of Expansion"

The behind the scenes, off the field, adult comedy and drama series returns for a 3rd season with a, “based on a true story”  feel.  It’s the “Seeds of Expansion”…or how “The Raiders really got to ‘Vegas”
Yep, we may have found the truth behind the very thirsty move of this NFL team’s owner or the writers have taken a current event and ran with it. I prefer the former.
The show starts with Spencer, (Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock”) playing basketball with Ricky (John David Washington) who has put on quite a bit of massive muscle, which I find totally unattractive for his small frame, yet I digress.  
Ricky’s worried, he may have fathered a child with Amber, (Brittany S Hall) a woman who doesn’t have what he’s looking for in a “baby mama”
Ricky also wants his $$$ back, the $5mil he loaned Spence to buy in with Mr. Anderson (Richard Schiff)  He reminds Spencer,  100 % return is promised and it’s due in 3 months! 
Realizing 3 months is in 90 days, the clock is ticking. So Spence meets with Anderson, who offers to pay off ALL of Spencer’s debt,if he can get the $$$ bag and Vegas’ big dog, Wayne Hastings  (Steve Guttenberg) to let him in!  In the meantime, “yes” Amber is pregnant.
Spencer propositions Hastings; yet Wayne knows, Anderson’s been trying to get into bed with his family’s, business, $$$ and power, since back in the days of his father. Wayne likes and very much respects Spencer. Yet they, Anderson  & Strasmore have nothing to bring to the Hastings table. They’re “unworthy” of an invite. Until…
Spencer offers to bring “The NFL to Vegas” Hastings jumps! if Spencer can pull this off, his every need is met! Anderson pays off his debts, they have a seat at the Hastings table of business, $money, power and…more power than the law allows. In Spencer’s world, “all will be right with the world” This is what this season is about.
And so we begin another season of sports movers, shakers, with the usual and customary Ballers outrage. Yet this time, we may get a peek at some reality TV, and “How the Raiders, really got to ‘Vegas!”
We also have filler moments away from the usual hustle.  With life altering quest and questions such as: “Are Spencer’s swimmers threading water or can they penetrate?”  Will leeching, self serving, “BFF” Fat Reggie (London Brown) get the naive and child -like, Vernon (Donovan W. Carter) into trouble… again, by accepting free gifts that promote outside, unauthorized businesses and drugs?  And will the inept Charles Greane (Omar Benson Miller) keep his job although he sucks at everything about it?  Will Charles finally realize Larry Siefert (Dule Hill) is a snake and has been using him since day one?!    Stay Tuned!
New Episodes of Ballers air Sunday Nights on HBO, 10 p.m. Pacific time
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