Ash vs Evil Dead (S02E09) “Home Again”

We find our hero with the chainsaw hand, distraught behind the wheel of the “Classic” doing donuts in front of his childhood home. Dead Pablo is strapped into the passenger seat. Definitely messed up, Ash begins knocking back whiskey while the Cutting Crew’s “(I Just) Died in Your Arms” is playing loudly.
The state of affairs for Kelly and Ruby are bleak as well. Kelly gloomily guzzles Shemp beer while blaming herself for Pablo’s death. Ruby tells her that there isn’t anything they could have done. That is why you have to make every second count.
Continuing to make bad decisions, Ash is now smoking a joint when he looks over and sees Pablo is alive. Since Ash was talking about wanting to time travel Pablo prods him to find out what he would change. Of course, Ash tells him that he wouldn’t read from the Necronomicon. So, Pablo tells him to go back in time.
Immediately, Ash stops the car and yells at Kelly and Ruby to get in. Once they do, Ash tells Ruby to start translating Pablo’s body to send them into the past. Ruby refuses because she tells Ash that they could disrupt the timeline and cause real damage.
Ash reacts by putting pedal to the metal and saying that he will take them all to meet Pablo. Fearing for her life, Kelly tells Ruby to just read from the book. As Ruby is reading, the portal starts forming. The “Classic” roars forward and right into 1982.
They are propelled onto Elk Grove’s Main Street. Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing is blasting. Kelly is confused as to where they are, Ash immediately starts schooling her by explaining it’s 1982 and she needs to keep up. Then he gets the bright idea to visit his Dad or to try and make some serious scratch off of knowing 30 years worth of sports results. Ruby discourages him by letting him know that they can’t interact because that could create serious implications.
Kelly is still questioning what they are doing. Ash explains they are going to go to the cabin to retrieve the book so young Ash can’t read from it.  They drive to the place where it all began so Ash can have a rendezvous with his evil mistress in the woods.
The minute everyone is out of the car, evil comes rushing toward them. Ruby, Kelly and Ash scatter off into the woods. The demonic wind is headed right for Ash who tumbles down a hill in front of the cabin. He rushes inside.
Evil follows and looks around. Not sensing a human presence, it quickly exits. We look upward and see Ash standing between two eaves. One promptly breaks sending him onto the cabin floor with a thud. When he stands up, he issues the cabin an edict by telling her she is going to do what he says, biatch!
Prepare to enter the world of Evil Dead II splatstick because the ensuing battles that Ash goes through are hysterical. Of course, he steps on a nail. After extracting it, his leg becomes possessed and he briefly considers chainsawing it off but then balks. Instead, he stabs himself in the calf and starts sucking the demon out like soup. Except it is soup NO ONE would ever want.
The actual demon enters Ash’s body that way and what ensues is pure Three Stooges escapades. At 58 years of age in season two, Bruce Campbell was still a pretty adept physical comedian. In order to banish the little soul sucker from his body, Ash attempts to eat cinnamon, swallow mass quantities of hot sauce before consuming a hot kettle of water.
After wrestling with the mofo, the little creature is expelled and Ash nails him with a frying pan.  Immediately following that death, he hears a voice in the cellar. He straps on his chainsaw, downs a Shemp beer, grabs his rifle and heads toward the sound.
While walking in the forest to try and locate Ash, Ruby tells Kelly that she should consider going her own way once Pablo is resurrected. Kelly informs Ruby that she does that all the time. Both women hear someone following them so Kelly turns around quickly with her gun.
Ash is in the cellar when he hears a woman’s voice. He follows the sound and sees an older gal chained to the wall. This is Henrietta Knowby, mother of Ruby. She tells Ash that she needs his help because her husband has changed since owning the Necronomicon and she fears for her life.
Instead of helping her escape, Ash starts beating her up because he believes she is a demon. Finally, he stops when he hears noises upstairs. Turns out it is Henrietta’s egghead husband and a young student, Tanya. The pair come downstairs to the cellar while Ash and Henrietta watch what transpires.
Professor Knowby tricks Tanya and she ends up getting ensnared in a bear trap. Because he is a nice guy and not a complete db (and I say this with tongue planted firmly in cheek) he offers to give her some ibuprofen for the pain in her leg.
At this point, Ash lets Henrietta go only to find out she is the demon and not Professor Knowby. Another bad decision on Ash’s part. What else could possibly go wrong?
Does Ash make it out of the cellar? Will Ruby and Kelly make it out of the woods? Is Tanya going to be freed from the bear trap? Find your answers to all these questions by grabbing the Starz app free trial or another streaming service to enjoy this episode and more!