Preacher (S02E08) "Holes"

We are back in hell, and things aren’t going so well for Eugene (Ian Colletti). The powers that be have been keeping a close eye on our poor Arseface, so he has to make sure there are no slip-ups in the kindness department. Dire consequences are there to greet others who are “nice”. He has had to toughen up, but it weighs heavy on his heart, it’s hard to be bad.

Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) has been struggling internally with his son’s imminent demise. There isn’t much time left and Denis (Ronald Guttman) is ailing at a rapid pace. As he weighs the pros and cons that comes with a life of immortality, time is not on his side and he will need to make a decision quickly. It puts another perspective in place, this is not what Cassidy had planned when Denis was born, it was supposed to be different. The creators gave us that brief glimpse of Cassidy’s past, and one can’t help but hope that he takes the pain away from his son for good.

The quest for god may be going nowhere, but Jesse (Dominic Cooper) has to keep trying. The Grail has been keeping a close watch on Jesse, even going as far as setting up surveillance camera’s in the apartment. They watch and await the arrival of Herr Starr (Pip Torrens), there is going to be one hell of a fight when he get’s there.

Grasping at straws Jesse recruits some “expert” help to see if there is anything more on the audition tape. When that turns up nothing, he is left questioning whether he should even bother enduring more disappointments in his relentless efforts. What is the point if every trail goes cold? If only he would keep his eyes open and look at what is going on around him, the signs seem to be everywhere. The creators like to implant little easter eggs throughout, it’s another way to keep the audience captivated.

Sleepless nights have continued to plague Tulip (Ruth Negga), there is no escaping her nightmares. Instead she seeks refuge in being shot in the chest at the Hurt Locker and fixing up the mess that the Saint had left behind. Patching up the walls is just the cathartic activity to soothe her troubled mind, it gives her something mindless to focus on. She meets a new neighbor while on her quest to fix everything, perhaps a new friend. It’s exactly what the Grail need, an inside person getting close to someone Jesse loves.

In hell they are trying to seek out the one soul who does not belong there. If Eugene comes forward, he will be forced to live out eternity in a different version of his hell. This one is more twisted and on a different level of messed up from the last. It involves happiness, and then having it all taken away from him as the love of his life makes out with Preacher. It was one of the most bizarre and disturbing scenes I have seen from this show thus far. He can not endure a lifetime living through that, so when Hitler (Noah Taylor) suggests an alliance and aiding him to break out of hell, it may be something Eugene cannot pass up.

Cassidy singing an Irish lullaby to Denis really sets a somber tone to the episode. He needs to make a decision quickly. The depth the writers bestow upon these characters leaves you feeling the emotions they may be feeling in those dire moments. Not every show can do that, but this one is able to.

Rating: 8.5/10

Preacher airs on AMC Monday nights at 7/9c