The Bold Type (S01E06) “The Breast Issue”


I feel like this show is getting waaay better with every episode! It got to the point that I don’t even know if it’s possible to be any more wonderful. Also am I the only one who realized the lines are totally great, like sometimes characters are almost killing it? Seriously, these dialogues are amazing! But, let’s get to the point.
Jane is dealing with a personal issue during the prep of the article about breast cancer. She got to write an article about having treatment in early 20’s and she’s doesn’t agree with these policy of scaring young girls when there’s not much to worry about yet. But the fact is her mum died because of these disease and this topic has been hard for her ever since. I was impressed watching the Katie Stevens’s play in this episode. She did her best to get involved in Jane’s character. What I mean is this playing… it was nearly a piece of art. She deserves a huge congrats if you ask me. This whole conversation between Jacqueline and Jane, arguing in the office among other employees. Omg Katie, you nailed it, you really did! It was truthful, it was authentic, it was filled with empathy. I actually cannot express this in proper words how amazing you were, but I’ve got to say I’m glad you were the one to do that, to get in Jane’s feet and show us this girls story. Jane totally lost it, she got frustrated, and mad, and sad, and overwhelmed and a little more – all of it in one time. She jumped at her boss telling that she’s working her ass off for her even when things she writes about are personal and hurting, and she even didn’t get to know Jacqueline’s private life. That was kinda true, but from the other side – that’s happens a lot, that we don’t know our boss’s life at all. And Jane chose her profession on her own and getiing out a privacy is kinda one of the elements of this proffesion. That scene were excellent, I had cramps all over my body, it was…. Strong. Jacqueline told Jane to take a walk. Then to come at unknown location. Everyone could have thought that Jane is gonna get fired, but I knew that she won’t. I turned out this address was Jacqueline’s house and Jane get to know her close and her family too. It’s been another time when Jacqueline showed us all she’s more than just some careless boss, that she support her employees as much as she can and won’t let them get overwhelmed by the assignments she gives to them. She’s the dream-boss everyone wishes for! Well, these goings-on made Jane go for a test. And it’s good she did it because she has the mutation that increase a risk of getting cancer. She had support of her best friends and she made a statement for Scarlet magazine and for women that are scared as she was, that she did it and felt better and relieved. It was such a brave behavior Jane, you’re unstoppable. You’re more bold than you think! Now you can live your own live as you said!
If it’s about Sutton, this episode wasn’t gracious for her. When she thought she finally made everything great cuz she managed to convice Oliver to agree to her terms of work, it turned out that she was gonna be a coffee-girl on coffee run again. She was kinda insulted by Oliver in this scene with coffee order, he didn’t even asked her is she wants one, she just gave her credit card. What a jackass. I felt bad for her but I knew she won’t give up. She found a way to show herself to Oliver, she get him a necklace he desperately wanted to have. But it’s not the whole story yet. It didn’t go without any troubles because she left it in the cab and almost whole episode took her to find this necklace. She could make things wrong with her friend that get her this necklace, but instead, she decide to be grateful for her and she kept looking until it was found. She made a good call. I’m proud of Sutton and the fact that Oliver finally noticed her. I hope he’s gonna appreciate her the proper way.
A lot have happened in her love life though! The romantic walk with Richard and squabbling who did the first move to whom – it was such a sweet thing. We finally know how they met! This couple is perfect, I’m sooo #Suttard shipper! But there was also these moment in the dry cleaner between her and Alex. When they hugged you could feel the tension and then Richard walked in… woow. It was something. Alex and Sutton made a great team in this episode, he’s been supportive and he definitely has a crush on her. #Salex He told her in cab he could kiss her if she wasn’t with Richard! I think there’s gonna be something more between them. I’d like to see that but from the other side I’m gonna cry for #Suttard really ugly like ‘No! Please, be together! You have to, you just have to! What about the breadsticks?!’ I hope that even if they break up, they will find they way back in the end. #SuttardForever
Now there is time for Kat. She was stubborn during this episode, she fought hard for these nipple thing. And I admire her for this obstinacy. She’s not a giving up person when something is truly important. It’s a good feature. But sometimes she event got me upset. She was so self-centered with this free-nipples thing, she neglected Jane and she there took her too much time to realize how her behavior affects Jane. I think she was lying that she wasn’t doing these more to forget about feelings for Adena that to fight for women’s rights. She’s selfish sometimes and Jacqueline was right about her, she just wanted to win with the board. And if it’s about #Kadena… well, Adena made her choice. She chose Coco. Her loss. This ‘let’s be friends now and let’s send selfies to ourself all the time’ is so weird. I don’t approve that. I wonder what’s gonna happen next between these two, but I don’t know if I still ship them.
The together scenes were also brilliant! For example, when girls walked out Sutton in her first day as a fashion assistant. Or when they went to the doctor with Jane. My heart get warm when I saw their kindness and support for each other. I loved the scene where Jane calls Sutton and Sutton gets out from cab just to see her and help her go through her break. And when Kat goes to Jane in the kitchen to apologize for pushing her with breast-thing. This friendship is amazing. They truly want what’s best for each other. No argue on that.
I love the compassion and involvement it show causes in me. I love the way it presents people how important it is to fight for what’s right and needed in our lives. That we have to stand up and always have a voice, never give anything up if it’s for our own good. That there are things in life that are worth fighting for. This is health. And love. And dreams. And people we care about. There’s also a fear we have to take down to make this things work. And this TV series shows us how to overcome this fear.
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