The Real Housewives of New York (S09E17) "Tequila-Thon"

The wives pick  up right where we left off after #roomgate hungover the next day.  Some do hungover yoga, which sounds like torture to me, and Bethenny and Ramona have a heart to heart (sort of) where Ramona says sorry for always picking on Bethenny. that she doesn’t know why she’s always calling her out.  Then in her confessional, she says she’s not apologizing for anything, just wants B off her back in true Ramona form.  Ramona, that’s the reason no one freaking likes you!  I swear, if someone actually went through with a threat to disinvite Ramona to an event instead of just threatening it, she might be shocked enough to get some humility.  Or not, it is Ramona after all. The only thing Ramona ever wants is to sweep everything under the rug and drink her ass off, which is a big part of her problem this season.
The girls split up for the morning, with B, Luann, Carole and Dorinda going surfing while Ramona and Sonja sit back and complain about the girls, especially B and Tinsley.  The story had run in Page Six about Tinsley being a bad houseguest while staying at Ramona’s, so Sonja bitched about her bitching and being childlike, and Ramona bitched about B having it out for her.  Sonja and Tinsley had it out about the Page Six article, with Sonja saying Tinsley was behaving like a child and the other girls were enabling her, which I do agree with to some point, I feel that if things at Sonja’s were that bad, and obviously Tinsley has the money to move out, she should’ve already instead of continuously having to deal with Sonja’s ridiculous house rules.
They then go shopping and Ramon kisses Bethenny’s ass to guarantee she’s going on the field trip to Tequila tomorrow, which is about the most honest she’s been when she says, “I’m just going to pretend everything’s fine.”  Which of course, shows her true colors, but whatever floats you’re boat.  The girls buy lots of trinkets, and Ramona buys purses for everyone but forgets Dorinda, appropriately enough since Ramona never actually apologized for wrecking Dorinda’s house in the Berkshires last time they stayed there.  Ramona finally breaks Bethenny down, and when they get back to the house, Bethenny says she can come but begs her not to embarrass her in front of her investors.  I’m sorry, if you have a “friend” like that that’s going with you on basically a work trip, you’re begging to be humiliated.  Not the best idea in the world but anything to keep the peace I guess.
So finally its the event we’ve all been waiting for, the big trip to Tequila, and the girls arrive in style being choppered in curtesy of Bethenny.  They taste tequila nonstop for six hours, and somehow manage to stay lucid throughout.  They show how the tequila’s made, and the trips over and the girls come home in one piece.
The girls are drunk as hell when they get back, and Sonja brings up Ramona and Mario’s sex life, something I think we could do without ever hearing about ever.  She talks about how often Ramona had had sex, and you don’t go from getting banged every night to not and still be happy.  The episode ends with Ramona angrily yelling, I’M HAPPY!  at Sonja.
So what did you think of the episode.  Was the trip worth all the drama?  Who’s side are you on?  Bethenny?  Ramona?   Tinsley, or Sonja?  Let’s discuss.