“Animal Kingdom” (S02E10) “Treasure”

animalkingdom edit j in ski mask aug 9 17 - “Animal Kingdom” (S02E10) “Treasure”
Karma came back in a big way last night. The episode was written by David Michod. Directed by Josef Kubota Wladyka.
What did I tell you?
Our hearts were racing and our adrenaline levels were pumping. You really thought the boys and adding: Marco and Nicky were going to do this, right? I still said NO to myself. All I kept hearing was Craig’s voice (Funny, right? But true.). “Karma is going to come back for us.” (They robbed that Church and here comes their karmic payback!) A wise man once said: “Never bring outsiders in on a job.” Guess who that was? Pope Cody and he was 100% right. Renn at the bar warns Craig about dealing with Nicky. ICAM with her more. Then they start the job, Nicky boat stalls and the Coast Guard is needed. Luckily they didn’t search the boat.  Pope, Deran, Craig  and Marco board the yacht. They bum rush up the stairs to the wedding event. They want everyone to take off their jewelry and empty their purses and wallets inside the bags. So far so good. Well…until Marco starts speaking in Spanish to the to the mother of the bride who won’t give up her wedding ring. What does he do? The guy is a total barbarian. He actually CUTS IT OFF. There are so many things that went wrong with this job that should not have.

  • Nicky can be identified at a gun store. She can be identified by the Coast Guard.
  • Craig was warned harshly by Baz and Renn about Nicky. Baz warned Craig about Marco too. He is just too unpredictable.
  • Pope said, “Never bring outsiders in on a job.” Did anyone listen to him? A BIG RESOUNDING NO.
  • Marco cut off a woman’s finger that can lead to a felony charge. Hey, not to mention that they all are felons. The boys better not catch a rap for him!

They get back to the docks and Pope almost kills Marco. Which I don’t really blame him at this point. He was too unpredictable, untrustworthy and unreliable. Craig was not ready to be in charge.
tnt smurf angry aug 9 17 - “Animal Kingdom” (S02E10) “Treasure”
Baz what are you doing?
It’s a real shame Baz didn’t tell you all the details, J. You had helped him with cracking open the safe. It makes J complicit. I would also like to point out to J, he’d use that against you in a heartbeat. Oh, and btw J doesn’t know everything… Or does he? (Baz didn’t tell J he went back and took all Smurf’s money.) He is not a stupid young kid though, J, he goes back later to the unit. He sees that Baz emptied out the place. A little while later back at the house, J and Smurf are chatting. J doesn’t let on or act guilty. She is giving him the 3rd degree about her storage unit!!! She is onto to them or trying to bait him. Somehow J gets Smurf to believe him.
It’s not long before Smurf tells J she has to go out. She is off to the “scene of the crime”. Our BOSS LADY isn’t playing. She pulls out the taser gun! She tasers the front-end manager of the storage unit office. She is straight up Gangtsa!! The boss shows Smurf a picture of the guy who was in her unit. We all know who it is: Baz. You are so busted. You can run but you can’t hide. A little while later, would you believe Baz texts Smurf? “Can’t get Lena again.” Smurfs tells him she is taking her to a friend. Revenge is yours now boss lady!
It’s only a matter of time.
“She’s beautiful. Congratulations.” – Pope
I’m starting to worry about for Pope. He is on the Yacht and they are getting ready to rob it, he says that to the groom. I had to take a step back for a second. I love Pope, I know I sound like I am on auto-dial continuously saying that he’s my favorite character, yada, yada, yada… He truly is though. Is he showing signs that he is starting to crack? I feel like any day now he is going to confess to Amy, which is bad. I don’t know what it is… Maybe because they only meet up for sex?  He shouldn’t put all his trust in her. Yeah, they are both damaged. They are flawed. Pope is becoming a better person because he does love her. There is something unstable about Amy. I want to believe she right for Pope and they love each other but I just don’t trust her. I definitely don’t want Pope telling her the real story of what happened to Catherine and his role in it.
J and Lena.
These two are the two casualties of the Cody family war. Baz doesn’t even care. Baz is all about Baz.  He thinks he can run off with Lucy and Lena to Mexico? Keep on dreaming, Baz! You’re dealing with Smurf. She knows you robbed her. She is going to make you pay and BIG TIME. J may or may not be his son, but do you really think Baz cares? He will nail him to the wall to take the fall. By then, Smurf will be backing J all the way and Baz will be dead or in jail. Funny how karma works though. Baz thinks he can outsmart Smurf by digging up that grave. You know who’s grave we are talking about too…
Treasure Random Musings:

  • Will J tell Smurf what happened with Baz? (MAYBE)
  • Is Pope going to tell Amy what happened with Catherine? (YES)
  • Baz going to rat out Smurf to protect himself and Lena? (YES)
  • Will the boys get caught because of Marco and Nicky? (Maybe Marco)
  • High praise and kudos to Ellen Barkin (Smurf Cody), Shawn Hatosy (Pope Cody), Scott Speedman (Baz Maxwell), Ben Roboson (Craig Cody), Jake Weary (Deran Cody), Finn Cole (J Cody), Molly Gordon (Nicky) and Christina Ochoa (Renn Randall) for their tremendous performance!

I hope you enjoyed my blog. Until next week everyone. Comments and Feedback appreciated.