Mr. Mercedes (S01E01) "Pilot"

I had quite a lot of high expectations when it came to this series being made. And the series didn’t let me down just like the books this series is based off of with the same title by Stephen King. With this series having just the first episode premiere tonight we had it go by really fast. Which should tell you from the start that its going to be good through its first season run.
With this episode we had the intro to how everything went down to get detective Bill Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) in on the case that would continue even after he retired. The Mercedes murder was one of the most gruesome murders that had happened in the town of Bridgeton, Ohio in the year 2009 and its a case that detective Hodges has never let go either. In fact the case has followed him through his two years of retirement to get him back into the game because the killer is not done with him, not by a long shot.
We meet the killer, Brady (Harry Treadaway) who has a very disturbing life at home with his mother (Kelly Lynch) that seems very lonely and in dire need of sexual attention from her son (creepy kind of factor there but okay). With the two jobs he has on the side while being a psychotic murderer but I guess we all need those kind of hobbies to hide our true objectives in life. Isn’t that right Brady?
I have to admit with the little air time Lou (Breeda Wool) had in this episode she knocked it out of the park; I really like her character. But most of the times when I like certain characters, those characters always tend to die but lets hope thats not the case for our dear red head.
This series will definitely keep you guessing in whats going to happen unless you read the book trilogy then you already know what all happens in the first book Mr. Mercedes, but now I have to wonder. With the first book being made in this series will the series continue with perhaps Season 2 being the second book Finder’s Keeper’s and Season 3 being book 3 End of Watch. I guess we will have to continue watching Season 1 first in order to find out.
I hope the Audience network does continue the series after season 1 so we can get the full book trilogy made into a perfect and awesome TV series. Until next time my readers may you all have pleasant nights.
Next episode: Mr. Mercedes (S01E02)”On Your Mark” airs Wednesday August 16, 2017