The Mist (S01E08) "The Law of Nature"

Alright so this episode was a bunch of craziness straight out and simple but I will have to say this. A lot that happened I didn’t expect to have happen; especially that reveal on who really raped Alex (Gus Birney) that was crazy! And then we saw a lot of heads spinning out of control at the mall!
So I know I’ve said that Shelly (Alexandra Ordolis) was grieving and just needed time with the whole “I lost my daughter to the mist” thing but still blaming a teenage girl just because she lost someone doesn’t give her the right to go after the young. What if the situation was different and Eve (Alyssa Sutherland) lost Alex, and Shelly was left with her daughter unharmed. I mean you would think a grieving woman would think about that but no, instead she attacks verbally towards the younger age group. But at least we got to see her demise, I mean just think if Gus (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) didn’t kill her; Shelly would’ve been having a whole chaotic army going after all who oppose her.
Then we have Adrian (Russell Posner) now I have to admit when we first met this kid I felt sorry for him because his dad treated him like shit and his mother and Alex were the only ones who loved him. But now in this episode we got a big revelation with Adrian. When Adrian goes to his house to see the results of his family, he finds out his mother died during the 3rd wave of the mist. The mist killed Adrian’s mother with birds pecking out her eyes and face. Adrian’s father continuously eats the same soup being reheated over and over again, surprise the damn guy didn’t get too fat eating the same thing for every single meal. But now Adrian reveals what his father saw in him all along the monster within; Adrian told his father about how he raped Alex and lied to her about it because Jay (Luke Crosgrove) was about to take her away from him so he raped her to make her his. I know weird and not so cool way of making a point.
When Kevin (Morgan Spector) goes to investigate whats taking so long he finds Adrian lying about everything and gets the full confession from him about raping his daughter. Kevin and Adrian have a fight but Kevin is left unconscious most likely going to die in Adrian’s home.
I have to say that these next episodes which are the final two episodes are going to be the craziest episodes!
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