Killjoys (S03E07) "The Wolf You Feed"

Dutch and Zeph are having a girls’ night with Zeph finding memories in Khlyen’s remnant. D’avin and Johnny meanwhile are trying to operate their Hullen fleet ships but don’t have much luck when they go out of control killing two test pilots. Turin gets frustrated and suggests D’avin find Fancy and the Cleansed to see what else they can find out about the Hullen. D’avin is having a hard enough time with Dutch missing and the Ferran threatening to leave because they see chaos instead of order with this make shift army. Johnny discovers Dutch and Zeph gone and realizes he can’t find or contact Lucy. Zeph gives Dutch some of Aneela’s memories where she finds out more about her. Aneela was pretty normal until the Hullen. And Khlyen is apparently from Qresh which explains his being condescending to just about everyone. Dutch found memories of Aneela’s childhood then of Aneela experimenting with the Green Plasma in a Frankenstein horror show laboratory. Aneela’s frustrated that she still feels emotions even though she bonded with the Hullen. Dutch witnesses Aneela’s first steps on the path to her madness. Seeing Khlyen was a bit emotional for Dutch but then the memory stops suddenly.
D’avin finds Fancy and asks him to convince the Cleansed to help the RAC because they seem to be the only ones able to pilot the Hullen ships without them going out of control. Fancy is on the fence but agrees. People of the RAC don’t believe the Cleansed are really cured but in remission and could betray them any time. Dutch takes another trip down memory lane in Aneela’s mind and sees Khlyen keeping her prisoner in the silver cube. Aneela is erratic and twitchy, fixing for some Green Plasma but Khlyen says no and he suspects someone else has been visiting her seeing a peach that he never gave her. However, Aneela pokes a hole in her neck and everyday drains some of the Green in a tub she’s been hiding in her cube prison. She finds Aneela dancing with little Dutch in her cube prison. Dutch thinks maybe Aneela is her mother then finds the day where she first met Khlyen in her harem. Aneela had escaped the prison and taken Little Dutch to a royal harem. Khlyen discovers them and demands to know where the child came from and why she looks like her. First he thinks Aneela gave birth to her but Aneela reveals that Khlyen is Little Dutch’s Daddy. WHAT? Dutch has a seizure unfortunately and Zeph has to give her an electric shock to save her. Johnny tries to crack Zeph’s security code but just when he thinks he’s through he finds another firewall with a message from Zeph saying she knows he can crack the code but hopefully in time to help them. Fancy and another Cleansed try finding the others but find their fellow Killjoys hunting the Cleansed down. Fancy confronts D’avin who had no idea this was happening. Fancy points the finger at Turin though D’avin isn’t entirely sure.
So D’avin confronts Turin who admits that he’s been rounding up the Cleansed to study them. D’avin is horrified and vows to stop him. Dutch trips into her terrifying memories of her wedding night where she unintentionally kills her husband then while in her delusion she attacks Zeph but not too badly. Johnny managed to crack Zeph’s code and find out where Dutch and Zeph are. He finds Zeph wounded and to reach Dutch, Johnny reenacts the night they met. Dutch calms down and breaks free of her memory. D’avin frees the Cleansed in defiance of Turin. D’avin gives a rousing speech inspiring the Farren, the Scarbacks, the RAC, and the Cleansed to support him making him defacto leader while Turin is taken to jail. Dutch comes back and D’avin tries to convince her to be the leader they need but she refuses. She doesn’t want people following her into battle but tells D’avin that he should be leading. Dutch convinces Zeph to put her back in Aneela’s memories. Dutch goes where she left off with Aneela in the Green Plasma tub where she visits her memories. Aneela somehow manages to extract her child self from her own memories giving birth to Dutch. Khlyen is horrified and attempts to kill Little Dutch but when he sees her try to eat a rotten fruit he stops her and instead the memory bleeds into how he and Dutch first met. So Dutch is actually Aneela from her own memories (if that makes any damn sense).
A+! A fantastic episode with incredible scenes. We got to see some big reveals which leads us to more questions than answers. It sounds crazy but D’avin leading the RAC army against the Hullen makes more sense. Dutch is a badass but she’s not Supergirl. She’s not the put on the cape and lead an army of followers kind of idol. She’s a fallen idol who’s fighting the best she can knowing her weaknesses and her faults don’t make her emotionally fit to lead an inspiring rebellion. Dutch is the girl with the gun who will run into a burning building but she prefers no one follow her especially the people she loves; less casualties and no funerals to attend for fallen friends.