The Real Housewives of New York (S09E19)

Well, we’re at the ending of what’s been an exhausting, thrilling, sometimes heartbreaking ride.  The final episode of #RHONY aired last night and what a finale it was.  With the news breaking about Tom and Luann’s divorce last Thursday afternoon, the timing seemed studied at best, with the reunion already having been filmed so the possibility of Luann having to deal with the fall out of the divorce will have to wait til next season, guaranteeing her at least one more season as a full blown Housewife.  As if hearing about her and Tom for the last two seasons wasn’t torture enough already, I can almost guarantee at least the first half of next season will be the girls confronting Luann about the divorce and anything that comes out between now and then.
We start the episode ironically enough with scenes of Tom and Luann playing tennis, and apparently the stakes where higher than anyone suspected.  All the scenes with them seem so forced, especially knowing they’ll be divorcing less than six months later.  In her interview, Luann said that they were still in their honeymoon phase, because they’ve only known each other for a year and a half.  The sad part is when she says he’s still here, and that says everything.  Apparently not.  Then she’s going on about everyone being settled and happy for them, and you can’t help but want to reach through the screen and pull a Peggy and shut her lips for her!  It was just embarrassing to watch.  Which again, begs the question, why marry someone you barely know especially when there’s so many negative allegations against him before you’ve even been engaged, not to mention the fact he’s dated half of your friends?  I just don’t get it myself, and never will.  It always seemed to me like Luann never wanted to be single.  She went straight from the divorce into a 4 year relationship with Jaques, but got caught cheating on him with the pirate, then slept around for 3 years, then jumped into this relationship.  It makes me feel like she’s scared of being alone.  She’s a lot like Sonja in that regard I think.
This episode featured Bethenny’s new apartment and upcoming renovations, obviously as a segue into her spinoff with Fredrick from #MDLNY about renovations.  She said the trip to Mexico couldn’t have gone any better, obviously proving hindsight is 20/20 or she didn’t have the same experience shown to us.
We catch up with the girls individually for a few minutes each, then the main event:  Tinsley’s Goodbye/F U party for Sonja.  Every season of #RHONY ends with someone throwing a huge party.  Usually it’s Ramona throwing herself a renewal party, so this was a nice change of pace.
So Sonja decided to be fashionably late to her party, playing up the drama once again between her and Tinsley.  The party was lovely, pretty in pink, black, and white, which where Tinsley’s favorite colors.  We see Sonja getting ready for the party, which is always interesting to see what kind of antics she gets up to in that antiquated Dollhouse of horrors of hers, and says one of the most disturbing lines sine she taught us about washing thongs in the bidet:  I hate it when the dogs lick my underwear!  I mean, what can you say to that?  She finally makes her grand entrance, and complains about everything, from the decor, to the food, to the drinks.  Its too pink, its the wrong alcohol, and lets be honest, when has Sonja ever met alcohol she doesn’t guzzle down?  Just bitch, bitch bitch.  While they were milling around, Bethenny came up to Sonja and said she was sorry for taking Tinsley’s side while in Mexico, saying that since she’d been back, she realized how much Tinsley drinks and how that affects her actions.  It’s a little surprising considering Bethenny was basically Tinsley’s staunch supporter during Mexico, but then again, earlier in the season she barely had two words to say to her.  I guess old alliances take precedent to new friendships, so future new housewives, take notice.
Tinsley calls everyone over for the toast, and says she has a present for Sonja.  Sonja, wanting to get the last word in, says, “I don’t want a present and a toast.”  Which is so catty, especially considering how all season she’d been bitching about Tinsley not saying thank you or giving her a hostess gift.  Tinsley continues on, giving Sonja a picture of the two of them, and let me tell you, that picture was the FU.  Tinsley was framed perfectly and in the for ground, and Sonja was at an awkward angle with half her face cut off!  It was perfect!  She also gave her a 5000.00 gift card to Bergdorfs.  I mean, if a friend gave me 5000.00 every time I was an asshole, I’d be rich haha!  All in all it was a good season.  Not the best, like people are saying.  The fighting with Bethenny and Ramona got so toxic I honestly thought I wasn’t going to be able to keep watching because of that.  Sonja had her moments, but over all was entertaining as always, Dorinda was fun.  Carole didn’t seem involved that much this season.  She was there, but kind of just on the edges, not really starting anything, but definitely putting her two cents in once it started.  Once Luann got over herself about getting married, she was fun, but I’m worried next season is going to be all about her divorce.  Way to stay on past your expiration date for four years with a storyline no one really cares about but you guys.  I know I’m over hearing about Tom and Lu.  Can we please move past them for god’s sake?  So let me know what you guys think.  Good season?  Great?  Yay or Nay?