Younger (S04E07) "Fever Pitch"


Well kids it is that time of the week again, time to check in with my main gals Kelsey, Liza and Lauren.
As many of you would know last week we were left on quite the cliff hanger, Charles finally tells Liza how he feels. If you are like me and have been shipping this one real hard because lets be honest, who wouldn’t want to be banging Charles Brains out!!!! AM I RIGHT??!!! In this episode we finally get the answer to it. We open with Liza having a sex dream of her and Charles in his office, being pressed up against the book shelve, knocking down books and being thrown around like a wired door during a cyclone, the reality is though, she is knocking books off the top over her bed in her sleep when she is awoken startled and to be honest a little bit emotional because it dawns on her, she was dreaming.
We join Liza and Kelsey as they are walking to work, only for it to dawn on Kelsey that last week she was played by her own boy toy and she cost empirical their biggest client LL Moore. She decides to pull a sickie and goes home to Lauren and Josh where they decide to go to the summer house. Switch back to Liza and she is with Trout face or Diana in the office looking for Charles only to be informed that Charles is having a sook and is working from home. SIGH!!!! By now you are probably like me and thinking that we will never find out what happens next during this episode. Liza ends up spending her day at some COMICon styled editors chair where she is pitched idea’s by some rather daunting characters who are trying to rewrite gone girl and girl on a train from some arts point of view that no one thought off…..yeah right we all had a different ending in mind when it came to girl on the train…stop trying to rewrite history people!!!
One of the only writers to catch Liza’s eye is a tall blonde woman in her 40’s who presents her book chapters to Liza, Liza finds the book to really resonate with her as it is the story of a woman who leaves her family to pursue a career in writing. Liza gets a text message from her new love interest (the guy no one knows his name) but is okayish looking in a smooth stalker type of way. STAY AWAY LIZA HE IS A CREEP!!!! he Invites her to dinner and or a drink but she says she is going to work late, it is at this moment that Charles walks in to his office. FINALLLY!!!! Liza picks up the chapters after a moment of self doubt and takes them into Charles, it is at this time she opens his door and they speak for a moment before he kisses her and her dream is coming to life.
Queue someone walking past and spoiling our shipping!!! The janitor walks in and the sexual tension is abundant. He can smell the sex from the door, he enters and pretends to empty the bin, Charles and Liza are both bright red and for the first time our hearts break as the dream of them having it off at the desk is slipping further and further away. Charles picks up the chapters from Liza and reads through a few lines before turning to Liza and asking how she got these. Liza tells of the woman and Charles looks like he is about to blow a gasket. It is revealed that the writer is actually his ex wife. Charles walks out leaving Liza with one final sentence… “I don’t regret what happened last week, I regret it being interrupted” AWWW my heart melts he loves her, he loves her.
Back at the summer house we find our Gal Kelsey hanging and doing drugs with Lauren and Josh, it is here that Lauren confronts Kelsey about her feelings for Josh. Kelsey tells her that she likes Josh to which Lauren is overjoyed… blah blah blah nothing interesting and then shit hits the fan you guys…literally it hits the fan…. Kelsey goes one step further and kisses Josh!!!!
I am dead!!!